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Kon (Kon_solution.txt)

KON (Anthony P. Hamilton 1987)

You start with a strength of 100.
When you are fighting or being attacked by other characters and the message 'You feel week
[sic!]' appears (when your strength is below 30), you have to eat something to restore your
strength. Besides the groceries you can find (some food, bread, meat, fruit, egg, apple), due to the
bug reported by A. Hamilton you can also eat other items if you won't need them anymore (chest,
stone, bottle, key, brick). The 'eat' commands in the solution are recommendations and
therefore set in brackets, since the moment when you need to eat depends on the damage you take
during fights or attacks (the amount is a random element).
There are 4 characters you have to kill:
1. The dragon (to get the key for the chest)
2. The King (to continue in your mission)
3. The genie in the bottle (to get the gem for the nixie who will give you a password)
4. The green slime (to reach the cave with the glowing carrot)

Another random element is the appearance of the prisoner; you need his help to open the cave in the
room with the two levers on the wall in order to get the apple - so if no prisoner is available, you
can't get the apple.

get food, ask slaves (they break the door down), s, get keys, e, open door, s, get bread, n, w, w,
s, get stone, s, u, examine window (you see a strolling knight), throw stone (you expel the knight
who is standing at the draw bridge), d, examine panel (it's loose), push panel, go hole, get
meat, w, s, examine table, look (you see a drumstick but you won't need it), s, e, n, talk
lamia ('if you can get me the king's crown I will give you something'), u, e, get
fruit, w, w, w, [eat food], hit dragon (several times until he evaporates into a cloud of smoke to
reveal a key), get key, e, e, n, [eat bread], hit king (until you have killed him, but your mission
is still not complete), move throne (you see a passage), go passage, get chest, u, s, d, open chest,
look, get crown, give crown (the lamia gives you a scroll), d, e, e, e, [eat meat], e (you lose 50
strength points!), dive, talk nixie ('have you seen my jem anywhere'), n, n, get bottle,
examine bottle, [eat fruit], hit genie (until it dissappears into a puff of smoke), look, get gem,
s, s, give gem (the nixie gives you a password), u, s, s, w, w, pull lever (for the following moves
in brackets see the notes above), [ask prisoner (the boulder rolls away and reveals a cave), go
cave, get apple, s,] w, w (the goblin asks for the password), say ethalisto, go opening, w, get egg,
e, n, e, talk wizard ('hello warrior. I have heard you have a scroll for me. So where is
it.'), give scroll ('well now! get my magic carrot and return to me for further    
instructions.'), w, w, [eat egg], hit slime (until it dissolves), w, get carrot, e, e, e, look
('find the staff and the book for me then eat the carrot.'; you are then transported to a
wooden hut), e, e, n, examine wall, look, get brick, s, w, w, throw brick, go window, [eat apple (if
you don't have it, eat the chest instead)], get staff, examine floorboards, go gap, e, get
book, w, u, n, eat carrot (you are in the wizard's lair again), look (The wizard gives the land
of Kon to you. You have completed Kon successfully.)

Solution by boldir, March 2021