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Return to the Castle (RttC_walkthrough_PunyInformVersion_.txt)

"Return To The Castle" by John Wilson
This walkthrough by Denk. Results in 32 points, which is the maximum. About 80 turns taken.

Let's begin...

> get pouch
> open pouch
> get all from pouch   (you find a button)
> n   (by the door, which is open)
> n   (inside the castle)
> n   (in alcove)
> look under bed   (1 point - you see some straw)
> search straw   (1 point - something rolled on to the floor)
> look   (notice the coin but don't try to take it. The Elf will notice)
> push coin   (you push it to the adjacent location)
> s
> get coin
> n
> give coin to elf   (3 points - the elf is now grateful and gives you something)
> i   (you got an eraser from the elf)
> s   (back to castle-location)
> e   (Dark, so you better leave again)
> w
> w   (in Attic-location)
> get book   (we now know that the dwarf wants a cockroach)
> e
> s
> s   (in the forecourt - notice the ladder)
@ notice the ladder
> down  (to ladder location)
> push barrel   (1 point - something is revealed)
> look   (you see the lever)
> pull lever   (This turns on the light in the dark location we visitted before)
> n   (the "darkness" is mentioned - remember that)
> u
> n
> n
> e   (to the storage - the light is now on)
@ we don't need anything from the cabinet
> search rubbish   (1 point - notice cockroach and sword)
> get sword
> w
> s
> s   (in forecourt)
> x rock   (we are told that cockroaches could live under it)
> look under rock   (3 points - since we scared the cockroach in the storage, it has been hiding
> get cockroach
> n
> n
> w   (in the attic again)
> give cockroach to dwarf   (2 points - he gives you the book)
> drop book   (2 points - Something flutters to the floor)
> look   (you see a bit of paper)
> get paper
> x paper   (it is silver coloured from a wrapper)
> ask dwarf about goblin   (he says the goblin likes silver groats)
> ask dwarf about groat   (the size of a two-holer...)
> x button   (it has two holes)
> ask dwarf about darkness   (by darkness, you must "shine a lantern")
> wrap button   (3 points - it now looks like a silver groat, which the goblin likes)
> i   (it is called a silver groat in your inventory)
> e
> e   (back in the storage)
> z   (keep waiting until the Pixie asks for an eraser)
@ This is not required but explains why we give it to her
> give eraser to pixie   (2 points - she gives you something)
> i   (you can see she has given you a copper penny)
> w   (in castle location)
> x walls   (you see a ring)
> pull ring   (2 points - for old time's sake(i.e. points))
> s
> s   (forecourt again)
> down
> give groat to goblin   (3 points - he gives you the lantern)
> shine lantern   (5 points - in the cellar! You see gold...)
> x sword   (you notice a switch)
> turn on sword   (1 point - only for points. Must stay on to keep the point)
> eat mint   (1 point - only for points)
> eat bap   (1 point - only for points)
> score   (You have 33 out of a possible 33 points)
> get gold   (without the penny you would die - now you win)
*** YOU HAVE WON! ***