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Tristam Island (Tristam_Island_Walkthrough.txt)

Tristam Island - Step-by-step Walkthrough

[Note: commands are preceded by a >; in-line comments
are enclosed by (parentheses).]

Part I: The Beach

Well, well, well. Here you are, shipwrecked
(planewrecked?) on a mysterious island in the middle of the Atlantic with not a soul in sight.
Unless I miss my guess, your name is not Robinson Crusoe and staying here for the next decade was
not part of your agenda when you set out in your plane this morning. Let's figure out how to
get you away from here ASAP.

You start out on an immaculate beach on the south side of the island
with nothing in hand but a book of matches. There doesn't seem to be much in your immediate
vicinity, so let's go explore and see if we can get the lay of the land.

>w. >n. >n.
>x stones. >climb steps. >clean steps. (You won't be able to climb up there in your
current condition, so keep exploring for now.) >s. >s.
>w. >nw. >w. (Note that this
would be a good spot to try some fishing.) >e. >n. >ne. >x boat. >look under boat.
>eat seaweed. >open compartment. >x rod. >x knife. >x net. (I think the presence of
all this equipment is a pretty good indication that you'll be going fishing sometime
>x platform. >stand on platform. >pull rope. (Nope, you can't get up the cliffs
this way either.) >get off platform.
>e. >se. >e. (This is an alternative fishing spot.)
>w. >s. >sw.

We're back on the immaculate beach where this all began. You can't
get to the upper part of the island until you've eaten a solid meal and had a nice rest. Before
you go take care of that, I wonder if there's anything else in these waters besides fish

>s. >ne. >n. >nw. >w. >sw. >s. >se. (Hmmm, that sandbar might be worth
checking out.) >sw -- along the sandbar until you can't proceed any further. >look. >x
horizon. >x tower. (That's your ticket off this island!) >ne -- nine times, all the way
back to the other end of the sandbar. >e. >n.

Now to find real food. Some fish would make a
nice dinner, so let's go get that fishing rod out of the boat and put it to good use.

>nw. >n. >ne. >get rod. >sw. >s. >se. >e. >n. >x rock. >look under
rock. >get worm. >put worm on hook. (You have bait, but you will also need a lure.) >x
trees. >pick flower. >put flower on hook. >s. >w. >nw. >w. >cast rod. >e.
dear, that albatross looks like he really wants your fish. Well, since you know how to get another
one, I suppose you can afford to be generous. >give fish to albatross. >x stick.
This flute,
when played, will summon the albatross to your side. He will do one favor for you in exchange for
the fish, and he can actually be quite helpful in a couple of areas later on in the game. However,
it's also possible to solve those areas without his assistance, so hanging on to the flute is
optional. >se. >e. >n. (You can drop the flute here for now.) Prep the rod as above, then
head back to one of the fishing locales: e.g. >s. >e. >ne. >n. >e. >fish. >w.
>drop rod.

Time to cook dinner. You already have the means to light a fire, so the next step is
to find some wood.

>s. >sw. >w. >n. >get wood. (It's damp, so you'll need
to dry it out before it will burn.) >s. >w. >nw. >n. >ne. (The sun is strongest on
the northern section of the island.) >drop wood. >z. >z. (The sticks should have dried out
by now.) >build fire. >get knife. >light fire.

Now that you've eaten, you need to
rest and recover after your harrowing crash-landing. There's no safe place to sleep on the
ground, but what if you could rig up something above it?

>get net. >sw. >s. >se. >e.
>n. >hang net on tree. >enter hammock.

Sufficiently fed and rested, you can now try
exploring the area above the cliffs. As you may have figured out, you can get up to the plateau
either by climbing the steps in the forest or pulling yourself up using the platform on the north
beach. We'll go up the steps since they're closer to us. Don't forget to pick up the
flute you dropped here earlier if you want to see how the albatross repays your kindness.

clean steps.

Whew, you made it!

Part II: the Village

There must be something around here that can
help get you on your way. Let's take a tour of the village and see what we're working

>n. >x door. >remove hinges. (This is one of the situations where the albatross can
be of assistance, but there's also a tool that you will encounter later which allows you to get
at the hinges yourself.)
>e. >nw. >n. >x generators. >open tank. (Of course it's
empty, but you'll have to find a way to restart the generators in order to operate any radio so
keep an eye out for potential sources of fuel.) >x shrubs. >search shrubs. >enter hole.
>search grass. (What luck, the key to the gate and a shilling to boot!) >e. >x door. >x
keypad. (The keypad will not work without electricity, and anyway you don't have the entry
code; you will have to come back after you solve both those problems.) >w. >unlock gate with
guard key. >open gate. >w. 
>n. >n. >open door. >w. >open door. (The shops look
interesting, but both are currently locked up.) >n. >x circle. (Good to know in case you need
to cook anything else.) >s. >w. >in. (This house is completely empty and there's
nothing for you to do here.) >out. >w.
This is where you would have ended up if you had used
the pulley system on the north beach to get up the plateau. Let's see what's left in the
storehouse, shall we?
>w. >x shelves. >turn on torch. >w. >x cans. >x backpack.
>get backpack. (This gives a nice boost to your inventory capacity.) >w. (Nothing else to do
here, let's head back outside.) >e.>e. >e. >turn off torch.
>s. >x trenches.
>search trenches. (Hey, another coin! I think it would be a good idea to keep hold of all the
cash you find--you never know when you might want it.) >e. >sw. >open door. (I guess
someone must've been in a real hurry to leave!) >turn on torch. >x safe. >open safe.
>get spare key. >out. >turn off torch. >sw. >get dirty sixpence. >x ladder. (This
is another area where the albatross could help you out, but you can fix the ladder on your own once
you have the right materials.) >ne. >ne. >e. >x fountain. >search fountain. >get
damaged sixpence. >pump fountain. (At least you have a good source of fresh water!)

that's it for the village. Most of the doors are locked, but you'll soon be changing that.
For starters, you can check out the pub now that you have the spare key from the pub landlord's

>w. >unlock door with spare key. >open door. >in. >turn on torch. >x map.
(So you're actually on Kingsley Island, not Tristam Island.) >x notice board. >x jukebox.
>in. >x fryer. (Hmmm, could cooking oil be used to power the generators?) >cut oil with
knife. >get pot. >put oil in pot. >out. >out. >turn off torch.

The oil won't do
you any good in its current state, so you'll need to find a way to melt it. There's a fire
all laid out and ready for you, but you seem to have used up all your matches. Maybe there's
something in one of the shops ....

>n. >e. (The door is locked, but desperate times call for
desperate measures.) >n. >get rock. >s. >smash window. >enter window. >get
lighter, binoculars, rusty sixpence. >get rock. (You may need it again :)). >unlock door.
>open door. >out. >n. >light fire. >put pot on fire. >s. >e. >s. >put oil
in tank. >close tank. >turn crank.

Hurray! Now that the electricity is back, let's see
if we can do something about that broken ladder by the radio tower.

>n. >smash window.
>enter window. >x pieces. (Ladder rungs!) >get pieces. >get shiny shilling. >unlock
door. >open door. >out. >w. >w. >s. >sw. >sw. >fix ladder. >u. >get
screwdriver. >look through binoculars. (What on Earth happened on Tristam Island?) >d. >ne.
>ne. >e.

Remember that door you saw earlier with removable hinges? I bet you could use the
screwdriver to your advantage there.

>s. >remove hinges with screwdriver. >in. >get
rusny shilling. >x book. >search book (You better write down that code, I have a feeling it
could be important.) >out.

Well, all in all things really aren't looking too bad. You got
the electricity running, you're in no danger of starvation, and you have a source of fresh
drinking water. The radio is probably somewhere in that white house, but what do you say to
celebrating with some music before we head in there?

>n. >w. >in. >turn on torch. Put
all seven of your coins in to the jukebox, and let the music do its magic. When you're done:
>out. >turn off torch.

Back to business now. Let's go hunt down that radio and get back
to civilization.

>e. >e. >e. >e. >type 5218.

Voila! You're inside the

Part III: The House

What an interesting place this is! There's obviously plenty to
look at here:

>x contraption. >x statue. >turn statue. >x door. >open door. >read
notices. (You'll have to figure out how to operate this crazy contraption if you want to get in
to the lab. Let's take a look around the rest of the ground floor before tackling that

>s. >x shelf. (This is probably where the Brian Moriarty book in the village house
came from. You can keep looking at the books if you like, but there really isn't anything else
to do in here so head back north to the lobby.)

>e. (The door to the kitchen is locked, and you
don't have the key. There's nothing to do in here either, so go back west to the lobby.
However, you might want to take a peek under the table before leaving.)

Now to figure out what to
do with this Heath Robinson contraption. >x buckets. >look in bucket. >get rat. (Gross!)
>x weight. >x pipe. >x stand.

Judging by the description of all these components,
it's probably reasonable to assume that some object needs to be fired out of the air cannon to
get this thing going. You haven't explored the mezzanine level yet ... maybe something up there
will offer a clue.

>u. >e. >x white door. >x yellow door. (These locks look pretty
flimsy, and your multi-purpose screwdriver would incidentally make a great lockpick.) >unlock
white door with screwdriver. >open white door. >s. >open chest. get pump. >n. >unlock
yellow door with screwdriver. >open yellow door. >n. >open chest. >get ball. >s. (The
other two doors are permanently locked, so you don't need to worry about them.) >w.
>x pump. >x ball. (This must be the projectile we're looking for!) >put ball in
tube. >put pump in tube. >pump. >pull lever. (Don't worry about the broken pipe, you
have the means to repair it.) >u. >fix pipe. >get ball. >d. >put ball in tube.
>pump. >pull lever. >open door. >in. >push button.

So this is the secret of Kingsley
Island! Your main goal is still to get away from here, but figuring out what those scientists were
doing is a close second.

>s. >x poster. (Ah, THAT's what happened here.) >open door.
(Surprise, it's locked.) >s. >s. >x device. >turn on Geiger counter. >x Geiger
counter. (Yikes, that's quite a high reading!) >turn off Geiger counter. >e. >x
blackboard. >x books. >n. >n. >search papers. (Oh dear, this does not bode well for
you.) >e. >x window. (That loading dock looks intriguing, but unfortunately there's no
way to get down to it.) >s. (Sadly, the door leading to the stairs is also impassible). >n.
>n. >x ceiling. >move tile. (You'll need to give yourself a boost.) >s. >w.
>get chair. >s. >s. >get book. >n. >e. >n. >n. >drop chair. >put book
on chair. >stand on chair. >move tile.>enter hole.
>x desk. >open desk. >get
master keyring. (If you search the bin, you'll find another copy of the letter Dr. Grant wrote
to the major.) >unlock door with keyring. >open door. >out.

The master keys must unlock
the door to the COMMS room! You now know that this place is radioactive, so let's

>s. >s. >w. >w. >n. >unlock door with keyring. >w. >x radio.
>wear headphones. (The radio isn't working, something inside might be broken.) >open
panel. (One of the cables has melted and you're going to have to replace it; now where might
these people have stored spare parts ...?) >remove headphones. >e. >s. >e. >e.
>listen to lock. >open locker. >get cable. >w. >w. >n. >w. >get melted
cable. >close panel. >wear headphones. >x note.

Tuning the radio to the coast guard
frequency will allow you to call for help and escape this dangerous island. Unfortunately the
control knob seems to have lost some of its precision, but you can still make it do what you want.
Turning the knob to the right increases the frequency by 0.0020, and turning it to the left
decreases it by 0.0013. The radio is currently set to 12.4020, and you want to adjust it so that
it's at 12.4035. There are multiple ways to do this, but here is one sequence that

>turn knob right. >g. >g. >turn knob left. >g. >turn knob right. >turn
knob left. >g. >g. >wear headphones. >push button.

And that's it! You have escaped
Kingsley Island, and good riddance ... Hopefully you don't end up with any health challenges
after your time spent in that radioactive environment. Following this walkthrough will earn you a
score of 146/150. See if you can figure out how to earn those last few points ... I'm certain
that you have the POWER to do so :).