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Legend of Craldons Creek, The (Legend_of_Craldons_Creek_v1.2_solution.txt)

by Eric Stewart, 1987
RZXed by Paul E. Collins
Typed in by boldir, October 2020

Part 1:
n, get wax, w, n, get bottle, e, catch bird, get feathers, make wings, wear wings, w, s, e, s, w,
exam archway, w, n, fly across river, get sword, fly across river, s, e, swing sword, e, e, s, s, s,
w, w, give bottle, e, n, n, n, w, w, w, s, s, s, s, s, go in, give staff, get bracelet, n, w, w,
give bracelet, n, n, cut tree (You have now completed part 1. Entry code is talk999. You scored 50
and you took 55 turns)

Part 2:
talk999, e, e, get quill, w, w, s, s, s, get morgon, cast spell, n, get strawberries, n, cast spell,
s, s, w, s, s, e, get artichoke, e, n, talk to elf, cast fruit spell, get sword, cut balls (Your
score was 195 and you took 28 turns)