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2002: A Space Oddity (2002.txt)

Solution for 2002: A Space Oddity
A&B Computing
Solution by David Lodge

We start on the bridge of a ship after accidentally wiping out the crew. The
mission is to find several valuable objects and escape via the Lifeboat. It
isn't obvious which objects are of value, so these'll be highlighted during the

Start by going W, W, S and GET SCREWDRIVER (25 points). Head N, W and GET CAT
(25 points), continue N and GET HARDBACK (25 points) and READ HARDBACK (25
points), which'll tell us how to fly the lifeboat.

Head back S, W, N and GET GUIDE (25 points), do not read the guide as you'll
die of boredom. Go back S, S and GET FISH (25 points) and USE FISH (25 points).

We've now finished with the top floor of the ship, go N and D to the 2nd floor.
We can ignore most of the second floor, so go E, E, E and OPEN LOCKER (with the
sonic screwdriver) and GET the FIRST aid kit (25 points) that was in the locker.

We've now finished with the 2nd floor, time to go to the 3rd and most important
floor. Head W, W and D. Before we explore the floor, we need to visit the
shuttle to grab objects. Head W, D, D, D, N and GET PILLS and EAT PILLS (25
points). Head S and W and GET OXYGEN (25 points), then E, S and GET TOOLS (25
points). Now go back to the 3rd floor (N, U, U, U).

Go N, N and GET SPACESUIT (25 points) and WEAR SPACESUIT. Now, S, S, E, N, E and
GET HYDROPONIC and EAT HYDROPONIC (25 points). Head S, S and GET LASER, then
head N and E to get to the lifeboat bay. FIRE LASER at the robot (25 points) to
clear the way to the lifeboat and head E. OPEN DOOR and E.

We've finally made it into the lifeboat, now we just need to finish. SHUT DOOR,
USE TOOLS (25 points) and SIT (25 points). Finally FLY LIFEBOAT (50 points) and
we've beaten the game.

500/500 points