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Jester Quest (Jester_Quest_Hints.txt)

By Mark and Louise Cantrell
Zenobi Software
Spectrum 128

While this is an interesting game, it suffers from what appears to be too much 
of the authors’ frustrations and opinions about their government, marketing 
their game, etc. The description of the protagonist is rather pejorative (this 
is really unnecessary – so the hero is a dolt – does this matter?) It also 
requires a lot of retracing steps, even if you know what you are doing. A plus 
is that you are told your objective early in the game.

There are some tricky puzzles. For example you come across two cauldrons, which 
would lead you to believe you need to put something INTO them. But which objects 
into which cauldron?


While you can TELL JOKE when you meet most people, the only time this is really 
necessary is when you meet Pillock, as this will eventually give you an object 
you will need. And you need to do it again closer to the end, when you need to 
get past the guard to get to the King.

You can carry quite a few objects though it depends on their weight.

While it is possible to visit the lab (where you need to deposit the ingredients 
mentioned in the list for the Secret of Laughter) before you have some or all of 
the ingredients, it seems to be best to have Xel with you first.

There are several locations where you just need to WAIT for something to happen.

You may need to explore (and die) before you know what to do. So SAVE and 
RESTORE often.

There are two objects you can carry and put things into (the cage, the pot).

To get people to follow your instructions, SAY “<direction/action>” TO <person>.

Once you have the boots, don’t take them off.

Where to use the rose? When you are in Grizelda’s presence. There are two things 
to put into her cauldron. Work quickly.

You need to work quickly at the dentist’s. Put him out of commission, then 
SEARCH the dentist to get the object you need.

Red herrings: the rejection letter, cage (unless you wish to carry something in 
it).pad, both books, sword, the people in the theatre, the BP shares.

In order to get the dragon fluid (on your list of ingredients), you need to get 
past the dragon. In order to do so, you need two objects – one to put him to 
sleep and one to put out his breath. For the latter, you need the soda. For the 
former, you need a bow, an arrow (doctored with a sleeping potion) which you 
need to fire at the dragon. 

What is the sleeping potion? The dragon’s bane implies that this is necessary. 
So you need to get that first. How to do that? Once you have the seeds; you need 
to grow them (with fertilizer and a pot), then PULL it (out of the pot), then 
CRUSH it. Once you have it in a “workable” state, you need to utilize it. It 
goes on the arrow. Put it on the arrow by DIP-ing the arrow into it. Then use 
the arrow (with the bow, of course).

Don’t enter the job centre.

How to dispose of Znarl? Have him follow you, by retreating. Eventually he will 

The only thing the crucifix is good for is to avoid the zombie’s attacks. You 
can drop it once you are out, if you don’t need to go there again.

What to do with the priest? He is useful. Someone is eager for a meal. You need 
to give the priest some direction and then follow him. SAY PRIEST “GO <a 
direction>” and then follow him.

What to do with Abnormo? See the above hint. 

How to get Xel to follow you? Give her the cake. But first pretend she is 
Sleeping Beauty. Yes, KISS her (no more). She will do as you say. To get her to 
follow you SAY “COME” TO XEL. To get her to remain, SAY “STAY” TO XEL.

How to get up the pipe? You need to be bigger. EAT the biscuit.

You need to drain the lake to get to the sword. To drain the lake you need to 
eat something and then PULL CHAIN. You don’t need the sword. Remember to pull it 
OUT, then REDESCRIBE and take what you find. Where can you use it? It should be 
obvious from its description. 

What to do when Grizelda shoots you? Put the rose and the manifesto into the 
cauldron. Work quickly.

How to deal with the guards who attack you? RING BELL/ALARM on the battlements 

The can of ale will get you into Smurkin’s house. Drink it at the white cliffs.

Terri Sheehan

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