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Quest for the Black Pearl (quest_black_pearl_solution.txt)


Version 1.5

Copyright 1992 by Ralph W. Varble

1.  Take tube.  Read Watch.  You have twelve hours!  Ignore
sign.  You can enter the jungle from any direction except SOUTH.
 Once in the jungle, go SOUTHWEST to the beach, and ENTER the
sand castle.  Take the pail and return.  WEST will take you from
the jungle to the clearing.  You can explore further, but the
only important direction now is SOUTH.  Go SOUTH again.

2.  Listen to the parrot.  ENTER pool.  DOWN.  Take the key. 
UP.  EAST.  Unlock door with the key.  EAST.  Take lamp.  Light
lamp.  EAST.  Follow the map provided with this solution to get
to the end of the maze.

3.  Starting the polisher is fun, but will cost you points! 
The serial number on the polisher (found on the engine casing)
is also the locker combination, L9-R13-L60.  Read the piece of
paper the skeleton is holding--use opposite directions to exit
the maze.

4.  At the Dim Room, NORTH.  Open the locker by turning the
dial right or left.  The computer will prompt you for the
combination numbers.  Take the gloves.  SOUTH.

5.  Follow the passages to the bridge.  CROSS BRIDGE.  The
bridge will collapse if you are carrying more than 70 pounds.  

6.  WEST.  WEST.  At junction, SOUTH first.  Wear the gloves. 
Take the box.  NORTH.  NORTH.  Drop the box in the puddle.  Take
the amulet and wear it.  SOUTH.

7.  WEST into the volcano.  UP.  Take the ash on the ledge. Do
not read the carving unless you really like old sitcoms.  Go
back to the junction on this side of the bridge.  SOUTH.  BE
CAREFUL!  The tremors in the game are continuing eruptions and
experiencing one in the volcano is fatal!

8.  Sand is not needed.  Don't go EAST or DOWN, both will kill
you.  Keep moving forward.  Explore the smooth formation. 
Choose either side of the fork.

9.  Following the SOUTHWEST path, slide down stalactite for 5
points.  Explore the diner.  The magic book in the cereal box is
very important.  Read it!  Take the Chalice. Return to the fork.

10.  Following the NORTHWEST path, the rhyme in the hallway
refers to the third magic word, ZIVKKY.  Take the access card. 
Push the plywood to enter the prop room.  Read the memo and the
sign, but don't touch anything!  Pull the plywood to exit. 
Continue to follow the rooms forward until you reach the Game
Office.  Insert the card in the slot.  NORTH.  Take the staff. 
The rest of the office has no importance, although you can play
with a computer and a control console.  Read the magazine. 
Return to the fork.

11.  At the Craggy Place, DOWN.  Head through the formation
into the clearing by the building.  Enter the building.  Open
the altar.  Take the knife.  YKKVIZ the knife.  Leave the
building.  WEST.

12.  Put the amulet into the relief on the blank wall.  At the
entrance to the strange room, put the staff in the holes.  Open
the tube.  Wear the sunscreen.  The pearl will be heavy, so you
may  need to drop some items you are carrying.  Watch your score
to make sure it does not change.  Some items you must keep
holding to get the maximum score.  WEST.

13.  SOUTH.  The seaweed will feed you to the oyster if you
aren't wearing the sunscreen.  Put the ash in the chalice and
FEED OYSTER.  Take the pearl and leave.  XANORD will take you to
the clearing, or you can return through the caves.

14.  Smythe will kill you quickly, so first ZIVKKY, which gets
rid of his gun.  If you forgot to YKKVIZ the knife, then it will
disappear also, and Smythe will kill you.  Stab Smythe.  As long
as you have the pearl and are in the clearing anytime after 5
p.m., the helicopter will arrive and you can ENTER it and win
the game.  If you're early, keep typing WAIT until the
helicopter appears.  If you do not finish before 8:15 p.m., the
game will end when you enter the clearing, but you will have
lost since you can't get off the island.