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Myopia (Myopia.txt)

A Walkthrough to Myopia, Interactive Fiction by Quentin.D.Thompson.

It is impossible *not* to finish "Myopia". This game, in fact, is one of
the few that truly warrants disabling the Save option, but I'm not quite
sure how to work that, and besides I'm a nice guy. However, since there
are no real puzzles, some of you (who cut your teeth on Andrew Plotkin
and Graham Nelson) may be scratching your heads and wondering "Hey! What
the heck's this game about!". I have written traditional puzzle-based
games in the past, and will continue to do so - "Myopia" is a one-off.
However, for those of you who want it really bad, I have included this
walkthrough. You don't really need it, but if you want to play it
through quickly to see if it works, or if you find a bug, please use it.
Also, there are a few in-jokes in the game. So, after finishing it, try
answering the questionnaire in this file after each stage, and add up your
score at the end to see how high you are on the Q.D.T. IF-Trivia scale.

Speeding Down Thompson Avenue

A simple scene. You can hardly do anything on the sidewalk, so just
enter the truck. Once inside, you are off, speeding down the highway
(this lasts only for about fifteen moves, so if you're in a hurry just
type 'z' sixteen times, as you would in Cattus Attrox) and you can
spend your time examining the various articles in the truck. You can
try to chat with Dave a little, but he's sort of busy driving. At the
intersection, this stage ends - with what looks suspiciously like roadkill.
So who is the old lady? No way of telling, because the next stage is
part of the Drugstore Cowboy saga.

Amusing commands here: have you tried -

kissing or killing Dave? reading the towel or taking it? using all the
conversation options with Dave? turning the steering-wheel? switching on
the radio?

QUESTION 1. Don't a lot of these objects sound familiar? If so,
            from which game have they been - er - borrowed?
            Hint : one of those objects is a giveaway.

The Enigma of Obadiah's Saloon
Simple piece of work - you get progressive hints as you go. You can examine
almost all the objects in the room descriptions, but they're just
decoration. The real work lies off to the east. Lift that door, and take
a look at what you found. Then head north, and try getting the specs. If you
can, at the first shot, please call me immediately because you're not
supposed to. Examine the computer, have a word with it, and answer the
question. In case you find it too hard, a hint. The question mentions
someone's wife, and someone's wife will (probably) have a woman's name :-)
Then check up the scroll using those specs (wear them and read the scroll)
and get out of here. Don't be alarmed by that time-warp bomb message. That's
supposed to happen.

Amusing commands here: Have you tried -

Examining the various objects in the saloon? Lifting the door a second
time? Talking to the computer after you've solved the riddle?

QUESTION 2. Which recent MS-DOS IF game had an overdose of riddles?

Home, Sweet Home

This stage can be finished simply by thirty-five z's (serious!) so there's
your walkthrough. Examine everything and move around if you want to have

Amusing commands here: Have you tried -

Playing the guitar? Reading the photograph? Reading the lyrics you've been
typing on the computer? Talking to Craig or Junior?

QUESTION 3. Everyone knows that the guest room in Photopia was occupied
            by the Dawsons' guest Gabriel. But in which recent (fairly
            recent, that is) IF game is a pile of clothes on a floor
            a prominent feature?
            Hint : in the game, it was your daughter's room.

An Abandoned Palace

Head south twice, get the shovel, go back the way you came, and climb up
the staircase (it's blocked the first time). That's it.

Amusing commands here: Try sitting on the throne, or interacting with
                       (pushing, pulling or turning) the pictures.

QUESTION 4. The pictures gag was inspired by a recent sadistic IF game
            that began as a knife-edge thriller, then became an
            Interactive Mensa Test. Name the game.

Wounded Is The Sailor

Just do nothing; you're recovering from the shock. Type 'listen' to listen
to the voices that you hear; some of them are funny :-). After about seven
commands, the stage ends. There's nothing to do here.

Amusing commands here: Try moving around (north, south, etc.)

This is a small stage, so no questions here; we move on to.....

The Golden Beach

Ah, what a romantic spot. Head east and dig the sand with the shovel;
get the nugget. Then leave the stage to the northeast.

Amusing commands here: sitting on the chairs, playing with the beach balls,
                       taking or listening to the shell.

QUESTION 5. What does the treasure chest in this game's original contain?
            (Hint: Don Henley song title - "If ---- Were Dollars".)

Son, Come On Home

Talk to Craig. Again. Again. Until you tell him about the monster movie,
he's not going to go back inside.

Amusing commands here: try all the conversational options.

Another fragment, so no questions.

The Crystal Maze

Every path leads you nowhere. Until you think of 'up', that is. The
online hint here is pretty explicit.

No amusing commands.....sorry 'bout that.

QUESTION 6. Unconnected to the game, but just on the general topic of
            mazes. All IF gamers have heard of mazes of twisty little
            passages, of Zork fame. But which IF game programmer decided
            to hash the cliche a little, and implemented a maze of
            twisty little Parisian streets? And in which game? You can
            get a bonus point if you know the name of the stage as well.

Land Of The Living

This is just a little fun at AGT's expense. Try examining Quentin (no
points for guessing where I stole this from). The way out, quite obviously,
is "Talk to Quentin". Finis.

Once again, since the transcript is rather amusing, I didn't include
any Easter Eggs here.

QUESTION 7. (Easy!) Where did I get the blinding light from?

Concrete Jungle

And, finishing it all off, a maze. Head north, east, northeast, and then
east. Talk to Jarm, and ask him for an audience with Weller. Easy, wasn't

Amusing commands: try all the conversational options. Especially
                  the one about Jarm's daughter.

QUESTION 8. Jarm mentions 'an artist with a prehistoric name, like
            Ford or Austin.' Who am I parodying, which game does he
            appear in, and what two paintings of his appear in that

Concrete Jungle (conversation with Weller)

Read this carefully.

QUESTION 9. Who, in real IF, came to terms with himself and his station
            in life?


And that's that! You've won the game. Try all the commands, especially

QUESTION 10. Name two Ev Cheney games. If possible, also write
             a detailed essay on why they stink. [No extra points for
             this, but if you write something, do mail it to me.]

---------------------------Answers below this--------------------------------

Here are the answers; let's see how you did.

1. Obviously, "I-0, Jailbait On The Interstate". Adam Cadre, take a bow.
2. "I Didn't Know You Could Yodel", Michael Eisenman and Andy Indovina.
3. "Tryst of Fate", G. M. Zagurski.
4. "Enemies", Andy Philips.
5. Dirt.
6. Graham Nelson, "Jigsaw", "Temps Perdu"
7. "Spider And Web", Andrew Plotkin.
8. John Austin, "Muse:An Autumn Romance". The paintings were a seascape
   and a landscape.
9. The Rev. Stephen Dawson.
10. The complete list of E.V. Cheney's games is
    * "Ghost Town"
    * "Dragonslayer"
    * "Deena of Kolinki"
    * "Lottery"

Of these, Dragonslayer sucks the most. Lottery comes next (tied with Deena),
and Ghost Town last.

And check your rating - each score ranks you as an IF author....

1 out of 10 earns you the rank of E.V.Cheney.
2 out of 10 earns you the rank of Matt Barringer.
3 out of 10 earns you the rank of Harry Hardjono.
4 out of 10 earns you the rank of Rybread Celsius.
5 out of 10 earns you the rank of Quentin.D.Thompson (yaay!)
6 out of 10 earns you the rank of Graham Cluely.
7 out of 10 earns you the rank of Graeme Cree.
8 out of 10 earns you the rank of Brendon Wyber.
9 out of 10 earns you the rank of Adam Cadre.
And of course, a perfect 10 makes you Graham Nelson.

(If you made 11 out of 10, consider yourself Andrew Plotkin, unless you
cheated - which makes you Quentin.D.Thompson again.)