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From Out of the Snow (from_out_of_the_snow.txt)

From Out of the Snow
A mini-adventure by John Wilson
/ Pension Productions

Solution by Gareth Pitchford

(for Spectrum version "36")


(You're standing by the smoking wreck of your helibird), 

EXAMINE COCKPIT (the pilot is still strapped in his seat), EXAMINE PILOT (motionless and still),
SEARCH PILOT (you find a lighter), GET LIGHTER, USE LIGHTER (seems to work)

SEARCH UNDER SEAT (you find an open box), EXAMINE BOX (an unfamiliar logo but you can read the
lettering), READ LETTERING (Biohazard!), 

EXAMINE RADIO (I'm not sure how you're meant to know about this... from the intro
perhaps... rattling noise underneath), SEARCH UNDER RADIO (a plug is loose), INSERT PLUG, USE RADIO
(evac on it's way?), 


WEST, WEST, EXAMINE SNOW (you see a tube), GET TUBE, GET TUBE, EXAMINE TUBE (a distress flare)

...Now you can head back and trigger the end-game...

EAST, RELEASE PILOT (a strange puncture mark)

...You should have just enough time to do the following...

WALK AROUND (to the other side of the wreckage), EXAMINE SNOW (footprints), EXAMINE FOOTPRINTS (a
landcrab?), EXAMINE FUR (the remains of the dog), EXAMINE DOG (ripped apart from the inside!), WALK
AROUND (back to the wreckage)

...You should've been told to check on the pilot by now... If not waste a few turns until you

EXAMINE PILOT (He's not in his seat!)

... You may need to waste a few turns here until the pilot reappears...

When he appears and attacks you... USE FLARE (you kill the monster! you spot a radio...)

You will now get one of two, completely random endings... either you will be rescued, or you will be
purged along with the evidence.