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Ziggarat of Dread (Ziggarat_of_Dread_hints.txt)

Custom Cables International
Elfin Software 
Spectrum 48

Many thanks to Dave to fixing the bug in this game. For the "fixed" game see 

Your objective is to enter the ziggarat, rescue your sister Yelda, and get out.  
You will need to get rid of your foes (priests, mutated slaves). You can carry 
no more than six objects. There are other bugs in the game (you actually have 
the dagger in your inventory, but typing INVENTORY says you do not). The ending 
is a letdown. Regardless of what you accomplish, it is the same.


This game requires that you type "GO" before any direction you wish to go. 

To use any object type the first word of the object (e.g. for the metal spike, 
type "METAL").

Ensure CAPS LOCK is on.

GET is recognized. Not TAKE.

Don't read the ancient scroll when you first find it. Immerse it first.

SEARCH and EXAMINE are not synonymous.

Some objects are needed more than once. 

When you are at some briars, the verb is PART.

When you have what Krankabold wants, the verb is PAY.

KILL all foes.

Don't know what to do with the wand? WAVE does not work? Try POINT.

There are more than a few ways to die, so save often.

When you meet people who appear to be friendly, QUESTION them.

There are a few red herrings (the wooden stake – though you can use it instead 
of the dagger, the skeleton),

Terri Sheehan

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