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ISS Emergency! (ISS_Emergency.txt)

´╗┐ISS Emergency!

You begin in your room on the International Space Station. You must 
fix the station's power supply before it fails. Note that the game's 
time limit is fairly strict, so you may want to skip a few EXAMINE 
COMMANDS below which are mostly there for flavour.

In your room:
L, TIDY ROOM (you find a torch), X LOCKER, OPEN IT (it's jammed), KICK 
IT (an electronic screwdriver drops out), X TABLE (there's a book), 
GET ALL, READ BOOK (it gives you the order of the planets), DROP BOOK, 

Accessing the computer:
TALK GIRL (she tells you to hurry up), USE TORCH, W, X EQUIPMENT, X 
TOOLBOX (it contains a glove), GET GLOVE, WEAR IT, X BIN, X RUBBISH 
(you find a candy wrapper), GET WRAPPER, E, N, N, DROP WRAPPER (this 
makes the robot leave), N, W, X TOM (he's searching for something on 
the floor), SEARCH FLOOR, GET PAPER, READ PAPER (the login code - use 
your knowledge from the book), DROP PAPER, X COMPUTER (enter the 
code), ENTER 1324 (you need to fix the telescope and replace the power 
console's isotope)

Fixing the isotope:
E, N, REPAIR TELESCOPE (with the screwdriver), USE TELESCOPE (you 
accidentally knock a card to the floor), GET CARD, X IT (a security 
card), S, OPEN DOOR (the card needs reprogramming to function), W, 
GIVE CARD (Major Tom fixes it for you), E, OPEN DOOR (with the card), 
E, DROP CARD, X CONSOLE (the radioactive isotope has failed), X TABLES 
(you notice a cupboard), X CUPBOARD (it has a radiation sign), OPEN 
CUPBOARD, GET ISOTOPE (wear the glove or you will die!), INSERT 

"You insert the isotope into the power console. The warning lights 
turn green and the siren goes silent. Well done, you have saved the 
space station and everyone on board!"

Useless items:
Crowbar (on the shelving in the store room)

- Jacob Gunness, March 2019