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Murder Hunt II (Murder_Hunt_II_hints.txt)

MURDER HUNT – Parts 1 and 2
by Craig Davies
Moonchild Software
Zenobi Software
Spectrum 128

This is a well-written game, with attention paid to setting, language 
and atmosphere. While it has a bit of "retrace your steps" problems, it 
also has an interesting feature – in certain locations you just need to 
wait, or move randomly, for something to happen. Unfortunately you do 
not know where those locations are. There are several red herrings. 
There is a lot of trial-and-error in this game, so you need to save and 
restore often, so as not to die.

Part 1:
Red herrings: onion, ring, wheelbarrow, knife.

Don't open the chest. INSERT the appropriate object.

Don't take the knife.

DIG in the graveyard.

WAIT (or EXAMINE various objects) in these locations: in farmhouse, at 
the body with the knife.

EXAMINE sexton's body twice.

To get in/out of the boat: IN UP and IN DOWN.

You need the wellington boots to get out with the murderer.

Don't handcuff the murderer too early.

It is better to be safe than sorry, so go buy the oars before you board 
the boat. The motor will quit so make sure you have already got the 

Part 2:
Red Herring: convertible.

Make sure you have the rope and the torch before going down to the 

Make sure you have the knife before going down the lane east of the 

Also, make sure you have met the postman (east of being attacked by the 
murderer). But do this later, once you have the torch.

Don't waste time in the bedroom.

Terri Sheehan

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