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Island, The (Island_AB.txt)

Island Adventure

In this short adventure you start by waking up on the floor with a bad head. To
your north is a locked door. There are barred windows, an old cupboard and a
broken ceiling lamp; which probably explains your recent unconsciousness.

Let's start by going D to the bed. There is a pillow here, as we all know, text
adventure authors like to hide things under the pillows, so LIFT PILLOW and GET

So far we've seen several things in the room that can be unlocked; first, let's
try the cupboard. Go U and OPEN CUPBOARD. That worked nicely and produced a
cake. We can now DROP the KEY and GET the CAKE. Sometimes we find things in
cakes, so EAT CAKE and we find a file. GET the FILE and FILE BARS.

Now if we LOOK we can see a way through the window. Go W to find ourselves a
hut. As we have a limit of two objects on this adventure, DROP the FILE here, as
we don't need it again.

Now, go N, E, N to find ourselves in a modernized [sic] kitchen with, for some
strange reason, a box of paint. This is probably going to useful later on, so

Head out of the kitchen and head to the narrow cave by going S, W, W, W, U, W.
Head N to go to an uninteresting part of the cave with a wooden box. GET the BOX
and OPEN the BOX. Two tholepins fall out, these are useful, but for the moment
we're more interested in the box itself.

Head S and DROP the PAINT (for now), then go W and GET the SPIDER. We see that
the box is for the spider, to stop it biting us. Now go E and S and DROP SPIDER
to get rid of the fly.

Of course, we've got rid of one problem (the fly) and have another one (the
spider); this is easy to get rid off (though in an illogical way). Head back N
and N and DROP BOX, GET THOLEPINS, GET PAINT and head S, S to get back to the

Now, PAINT SPIDER to get rid off it and PULL RING to reveal a secret passage.
DROP the PAINT and head D and W and GET HAMMER.

We've nearly finished now, head to the little shelter (E, U, N, E, D, E, N) and
BREAK WINDOW. If we LOOK again we can see a new exit to the east. Go E and DROP

Now we can finish the game, head to the beach (W, S, S, S) and ROW.

Note, due to a bug in the code, you cannot finish the adventure with 100 points;
90 is the maximum you can achieve.

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