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Xanadu (Xanadu.txt)

Xanadu - by ? (1986)

Amstrad version
Walkthrough by Juan Duc

Take wallet, S, Open locker, Take spanner, Take torch, N, Break window, NE, 
NE, Read sign, SW, Take statuette, NE, SE, Open wallet, Take card, Give 
card, Read sign, NE, E, Take pillow, Sit down, Listen, SE, Take sceptre, S, 
Read sign, Drop wallet, Drop spanner, Take fruit, SW, Read sign, Take scuba, 
W, Knock door, D, Read sign, Light torch, N, Drop sceptre, Drop statuette, 
Drop pillow, S, E, E, S, D 

(a message that says "You can hear a woman wailing for her demon lover!" 
appears, but this whole "demon lover" thing does not seem to have anything 
to do with the game objective, as we never hear anything else about it.) 

Wear scuba, D, E, U, Take gauntlet, Take medallion, D, W, U, U, Drop scuba, 
N, E, Open gate, W, Take acorn, U, U, Wear gauntlet, Take ring, Examine 
ring, Drop gauntlet, D, D, E, S, D, W, W, Drop fruit

U (it might be necessary to go up more than one time, until you reach the 
cavern of emerald colored ice)

Read sign, W, NW, NW, NW, Take bracelet, SE, SE, W, Drop acorn, Take 
incense, E, E, Take matches, E, E, Hold breath, Light incense, Drop incense, 
E, Take icicle, W, W, W, Drop matches, NW, NW, SE, SE, W, Take acorn, U, W, 
NW, NE, E, S, D, D, N, Drop bracelet, Drop medallion, Drop icicle, Drop 
acorn, S, U, U, N, E, SE, Take bucket, SW, Take egg, Examine egg, NE, NW, W, 
S, D, D, N, Drop emerald, S, E, E, E, E, E, N, Take necklace, Take stool, S, 
Close gate, Milk cow, Open gate, Drop stool, Drink milk, Drop bucket, W, W, 
W, S, D, W, W, Take fruit, D, D (it might be necessary to go down more 
times, until you reach the armored Mongolian guard holding the gem-studded 

Eat fruit, Read notice, D, Take sword, D, Take tiara, U, U, U, U, W, NW, NW, 
SE, W, U, W, NW, NE, E, S, D, D, N, Drop sword, Drop tiara, Drop necklace, 
S, E, E, S, D, W, W, D, D, D, W, Give ring


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