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Murder (Murder_hints.txt)

Central Solutions
Spectrum 48

You are a guest in a hotel. A body has just been discovered in the wine 
cellar. The police will arrive in 12 hours. You decide to go into rooms, 
question people and solve the murder. The murderer is the only one who 
lies; others must tell the truth.

You have four questions you can ask:
Q1 Did you get along well with the hotel manager?
Q2 Where were you when the murder was committed?
Q3 Was there anyone with you?
Q4 Can you give me any clues to help me solve the crime?


You have 12 hours to solve the crime. Ten moves can be completed in an 
hour, so the game needs to be solved in fewer than 120 moves.

There are a limited number of objects you can carry. You cannot drop the 
walking stick, so you can only carry two other objects.

Eventually you will become hungry, so you need to buy something to eat. 
Need money? Check out the drawer in the office. While you can eat something 
else, it doesn't agree with you. You will end up in the First Aid room, and 
still eventually become hungry again.

You will need a light source. A match can be found (bed area), and so can a 
candle (restaurant area). One tricky part of the game is that you can PUT 
OUT the candle, but not the match. But you need to be holding the candle in 
order to get a crucial object. So you will need to return to this location 
to get it.

There are only a few crucial moves; most of the objects to examine are 

There are various ways to get to the First Aid room, one direct, the others 
indirect when you need help. It's best if you visit there by your choice 
first. Question the life guard.

Terri Sheehan

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