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Agatha's Folly (Agathas_Folly.txt)

 E, examine fireplace, take bellows, examine mantel, take keys, s, 
examine stairs, open cupboard, examine cupboard, take boat, take notepad,
examine notepad, w, w, examine window, take hairgrip, examine sink, e, e, 
n, w, n, n, drop boat, inflate boat, drop bellows, s, s, s, e, s, rip box,
take strips, n, w, w, push hairgrip with strips, drop strips, take hairgrip,
n, take rock, s, e, stand on chair, e, u, e, examine bath, take sponge,
wet sponge, w, w, examine wallpaper, scrape wallpaper with rock, drop rock,
drop sponge, examine scribble, examine sampler, e, n, stand on bed, 
examine beam, examine hole, wait, examine parchment, d, examine symbols, 
drop parchment, s, d, wait, wait, e, look under desk, press button, 
open drawers, examine drawers, take journal, read journal, drop journal, 
w, s, examine groceries, take bread, s, open boot, drop keys, examine boot, 
take duster, wait, e, open compartment, examine compartment, wait, 
take details, w, n, n, read details, drop details, wait, w, e, s, n, w, w, w,
clean cobwebs, wait, e, e, n, n, n, nw, feed swans, examine bushes, 
enter bushes, examine wheel, examine stream, move rocks, enter bushes, w, 
pick lock with hairgrip, s, drop all, examine bench, take saw, n, e, se, s, 
wait, examine bushes, saw gatepost, drop saw, wait, take post, n, nw, w, 
examine machines, put post in hole, pull lever, s, look under bench, 
take trowel, n, e, se, s, s, wait, s, w, w, press switch, e, e, e, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, s, open envelope,
take key, n, w, w, w, s, u, press switch, s, take stool, drop key, u, e, e, 
e, u, examine ceiling, drop stool, stand on stool, u, examine chest, 
examine carvings, feel carvings, examine chest, take book, examine book,
drop book, take photo, examine photo, drop photo, take picture,
examine picture, drop picture, examine rafters, take string, d, d, d, w, 
take legs, take wood, tie legs to wood, e, s, s, take flask, drink coffee,
n, n, n, w, n, n, n, n, e, examine stones, dig leaves with trowel,
examine trowel, examine mosaic, stand on mosaic, (wait around until 
moonlight falls on folly) say trans fayle.END

 Se, examine cliff, take parchment, take paper, read paper, drop paper, 
examine blue parchment, examine red parchment, drop red parchment, 
take scarf, wear scarf on hand, s, nw, take shards, sw, take pebbles, n, 
take shell, s, e, take branch, e, throw pebble (provided ted is here) w,
examine blue parchment, e, s, cut vines, drop shard, drop scarf, 
examine statue, press blue eye, press red eye, take vine, take berries,
put berries in shell, squeese berries, take nuts, e, examine crannies,
drop shell, examine seats, n, put branch across fissure, s, drop parchment,
drop pebbles, crawl e, drop nuts, crawl w, w, n, drink water, s, e, crawl e,
e, shout, shout, e, tie vine to stalagtite, w, pull wine, crawl w, pull vine,
n, pull vine, drop vine, s, take pebbles, w, (wait around until ted enters
and goes east) e, n, take vine, (wait until ted enters) tie vine to ted,
throw pebble, take vine, pull vine, drop pebble, n, n, put hand in crevice,
e, examine floor, take crystal, w, s, s, s, take shell, w, take feather, n,
nw, stand on mosaic, examine mosaic, put crystal in mosaic, write fayle.

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