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Desert Adventure (Desert_Adventure_v2.txt)


Note that the game comes with a solution, but it is not commented.
And as Mr. Jacob Gunness says, "I believe comments are everything in a 
So let's get started. But first, a note.
This game is not an original Scott Adams Adventure, but was written recently 
by Sam Trenholm in 2007.
Now: On to the walkthrough.

You're in a desert.
Go N to the oasis, get the flower, and Go pool.
get the tube, and make like a musician and play music (you are transported to 
a cactus).
drop the flower (the cactus begins to grow flowers) and examine piece (there's 
a ball in it).
Grab the ball and play music again (this time you're transported to an 
Move that big rock and get the lamp. Look lamp to see the magic word.
Hmm, you're thirsty by now so drink water  (you're disoriented).
play flute.
Time to make like an enchanter and say the magic word (abre).
Go cave and D.
Oo, a sapphire. Get the sapphire and play the flute (this time you're 
transported to oasis).
drop the lamp and the sapphire.
Move along North and North again.
play music (you're transported to an area by a mountain range).
Go cave once again and get the shovel.
play music (back to Oasis).
drop the ball and play music once again (back to the cactus).
Put that shovel to good use and dig.
get the statue,
play music and drop the statue and the sapphire.
Now type: SCORE.

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