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Pettigrew's Diary (pettigrew_hints.txt)

1) To start with, you'll need to find the diary the wallet.
2) The wallet is always in a different location. Try asking the occupant.
3) Find the key to discover the wallet.
4) In London you have three main tasks: two people to find and some money to look for.
5) Annie you'll find in disguise, in a place of rest. See who is new in town, maybe the girls
will tell - or maybe not.
6) To find the room number, try the shady lady. Be persistent with her though.
7) Proof will be needed at some point of the game. Be a Paparazzi perhaps.
8) You will find Rhythma in the House of Phun, wherever that may be.
9) To enter the house pay particular attention to the book titles and something you'll read in
the Diary.
10) Try reading the diary a few times. Who knows what little gems you'll uncover.
11) Listen carefully to the music-man. Give him the time of day.
12) Be nice to your oriental cousins. Be helpful and they will help you.
13) If you're strapped for cash don't get the needle, GO TO IT!
14) ....but don't hang around unless you want your collar felt.
15) In Paris, be accurate and speed will follow.
16) If there are only two barbers in town where will each go to get shorn?
17) The final mystery.....or perhaps it's been staring you in the face.