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Sorderon's Shadow (Sorderons_Shadow.txt)

An extended version of these notes will be published in a future issue of 
the Beyond Newsletter (just as soon as I get a chance to write it!). As 
published here the notes are taken directly from those supplied to me by 
Nick Eatock and Simon Welland. They will have to be taken as fact. I 
cannot answer any questions on the game since I haven't yet been able to 
play it right through.  
Follow Morrin and say "ELIN BALOR" in the cave. To say any magic words 
just type the words. There is no need to type: SAY:  
2. Kill a Krillan for Lonar. Due to a bug he doesn't actually say what you 
should do. A Krillan warrior can usually be found skulking to the NW of 
the village of Balinor.  
Once you have killed the Krillan warrior return to the village and Lonar 
should say: "Well done! You are one of us. We name you Baroth, which means 
friend of Ba. We will be known henceforth as the Seekers - Seekers of the 
Scroll. In this village I am known as Lonar, but I am Karavor the Balord. 
We must find Aravor." He would then chant the following:  
"The Holy place in mountains near,  
Holds the secret of Balormir,  
In sacred crypt that lies before,  
Call upon Aravor."  
Therefore, to discover Aravor look for a church to the north of Balinor. 
Go into the crypt and "SUMMON ARAVOR".  
Obtain a horseshoe of Zepyr from the Tower of Supral. Give this to Tannor 
who will accept it as payment and carry you across the Forbidden Marshes. 
Now go west into the home of Nolidor where you will get the Prism. The 
Prism allows you to cross ANY marsh.  
Go to a well in Bagul. In one you will see an object. Use the PRISM OF 
NOLIDOR ("USE PRISM") which will make Hydral appear. He will then obtain 
the object which is the PHIAL OF HEALING. Give this object to MORKOTH who 
will give you the INCENSE OF AWAKENING in return. Next locate a tunnel in 
GUARAL where you will discover TUMBAR THE DRAGON. Make him follow you EAST 
(see tips at end on how to do this easily) to the tomb of Keral which you 
can't enter. TUMBAR will open it for you. Go inside and use the incense 
(type: USE INCENSE) and Keral will be resurrected.  
Go to the lake in KIRRIN containing an object and type: "USE PRISM". 
Aurican the elemental will then obtain the object which is the BOW OF 
BORAK. Give this to Karober who will reveal himself as BORAK. Take Borak 
to Keral. Keral will then be willing to carry you across the lava lakes to 
Plavor will ask for the AMULET. At midnight put the URN OF PERCEPTION in 
the RING OF SUPRAL. The EYE OF TOGAR will appear. Take this to the WARRENS 
OF TRITON. Look south into each one. Locate an inscription. Note it. Go 
inside and type "PAREITAL". Go through the opening to get the amulet.  
SAMUS lives in one of the caves of Triton. Get a KROK FRUIT from the 
KROKLEAF pasture and give it to Samus. He will then fly you to the RING OF 
MORN where you will find the AXE OF SHADOWS. Go to the DOMAIN OF 
SHADOWS/UMBAR and stand in the path between the trees facing the mountain 
(located on the map beneath the SH of SHADOWS). TYPE "BISSAL". Then go 
NORTH to get the LOG OF SAKAL. Take the log to POLED WOODFORMER who will 
create the STAFF OF SAKAL - but for a price.  
Go to the solitary ice lake in FROST (one with an object in it) and "USE 
PRISM". Xirith will appear and melt the ice and obtain an object - the ICE 
SWORD. Proceed to the CAVES OF RISSAN and slay SILAK. The CRYSTAL will 
appear in the other cave.  
Tracker holds the ORB OF CARADACH which has inscribed on it:  
"Where Caradach once did dwell,  
Quickly use the Glass of Hell,  
From the Polestar you must flee  
with the spear made of three  
Use it when the bush is near  
for BARAMUND ro reappear."  
The meaning of this poem will be come clear as you read on...... But first 
you need the GLASS OF HELL and the SPEAR MADE OF THREE.  
If you enter on of the caves in MISERY (the one below the SE of Misery) 
you will find the SCARAB OF LORE which should be given to MANIC 
TREEBLOWER. He will give you THE GRIMOIRE OF SORROW in exchange. This 
should be given to LARAS. She will give you the HADES MIRROR. Now you have 
to assault Sorderon's Lair to obtain the means to obtain the second tool.  
Having given all the parts of the STAFF OF POWER he will make it whole 
again. Go along with him and GARRICK to the GATE OF DEATH (apparently this 
is now a WELL! - Ed). Plavor will use the staff to open the door to 
Sorderon's castle - SORDERON'S TOWER. Go in and all three good Ba Lords 
will appear. At this dramatic point YOU SHOULD OBTAIN THE SPADE FROM 
KARAVOR. This is essential in your quest for the second tool.  
Zoom to one of the huts in HARAKIR (masquerading as a Windmill on the map) 
and locate some CORN (the hut you want is below the AK of Harakir). Locate 
the corn and throw it into the nearest lava lake, the following poem 
"Find the Tower in Besmir's Hollow  
The Star of Ba you must follow  
When your guide no more is found  
Your goal will be beneath the ground"  
Make for the watchtower in BESMIR. Find the star in the sky. Now go NE 
(follow the star) until it disappears. Dig with Karavor's spade and the 
TRIDENT OF TIME will appear (spear made of three). Now return to 
Sorderon's Tower for the end game.....  
Go back to Sorderon's Tower and USE MIRROR - you will be transfered to the 
labyrinth. Go SOUTH and EAST as follows (S, S, E, S, E). Then type USE 
TRIDENT this will make BARAMUND appear in ELINOLD. NOW LEGGIT!!! TO 
Baramund is roughly beneath the NO of ELINOLD on the map. It's a TOWER not 
a CITY. Seize the scroll, read it, the hurry north to the GAP OF HOPE. 
Wait here for Sorderon to appear (hurry or he will escape!). When he 
appears execute the command "NECATE ELINDORI MOTALIS" (shouldn't this be 
MORTALIS? - Ed). Sorderon will die and his body turns into a HEXAGON. Only 
someone with immense strength, like ARIL, can carry this. Make him carry 
the stone to the unfinished RING OF MISERY. Complete the ring by placing 
the Sorderon stone at its centre. Now type: "APELTHOMEN ELINDOR" and you 
will have completed your quest.  
To get the RING OF LIFE give the ETERNAL FLAME to TIGORATH who will go off 
and get you the HARP OF SOLACE. Give this to FARRIS who, if you take her 
to a hexagon ring, will play it. The RING OF LIFE will appear.  
All clear now?  
Here are some TIPS which may help you  
1. TIME ARCHES help you move over long distances FAST.  
2. Don't try to enter Sorderon's Labyrinth without the Trident - you'll 
Say to Person "Let us meet in Domain"  
eg Say to Farris "Let us meet in Frigia"  
Say to Person A "Where is Person B"  
eg Say to Farris "Where is Borak"  
Say to Person "Where is the object"  
eg Say to Farris "Where is the Ring of Life"  
4. The most common problem yet encountered by most people is how to get 
into Keral's tomb. Once you have found Tumbar you must guide him. The 
means to do this can be used to lead any other character.....  
eg "Say to Person "east" - Press ENTER and then type "EAST". Press ENTER. 
Now using cursor up and down alternate between these two sentences. This 
will move the character EASTWARDS.  
5. Try using the command Say to Person "List" you may just find what you 
6. The EYE OF TOLGAR allows you to read all RUNES.  
7. Don't sleep too often - you only have a year of program time to 
Clive Bailey November 1985 

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