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Fuddo and Slam (Fuddo_Slam.txt)

                              Walkthrough for

                               Fuddo & Slam

                        by John "The Balrog" Wilson

                          Written by Richard Bos

  First, a few notes.

  To start with, this is a Quilled game for the ZX Spectrum. Therefore, words
are significant to four letters. "It" does not exist. To speak to people, you 
do not use quotation marks. You just TALK TO PERSON, and then make a request.
  Obviously, since this is a walkthrough, spoilers are rife below. I'm not
taking you past every single clue and sight, but I do provide some commands
which give some hints while not being strictly necessary to get to the end.
The game originally came with a sheet which mentioned some more obscure verbs,
and extensive hints appeared in various magazines back in the day. These can
still be found on CASA and the Tipshop.

Let's go get some assistance, first.

  Go east six times and south. Slam claims that you could have called him;
this is a barefaced lie. However, you _can_ do so from now on. You can also
ask him to follow you, but (in true Tolkien-based-game style) he may decide
to wander off. I'll leave it to you to decide whether that's worth the
trouble, but either way, if you need him and he isn't there, just Call Slam.
It works no matter how far away he is, except for one single location (where
it doesn't matter).
  Go north, west four times and north. Leave the spade for now. Examine the
hedge and enter that tunnel. Talk to Slam: enter tunnel. Now enter the tunnel
yourself. Talk to Slam: give me the string. Go east and make a torch from the
twigs. Go south, west four times and south, then east thrice. Get the ladder.
Go back north and west thrice. Examine the dragon. Annoy him... but how? Who
do we know who is an expert at being annoying? Talk to Slam: annoy the dragon.

  Go north twice, east thrice and north. Now take the spade. Go East thrice,
north, west, south, up, south, west, north. Get the lodestone. Untie the
string, and tie string to the lodestone.
  Go all the way back south, east, north, down, east, south. and east four
times. Talk to Slam: help with alien. (This option was explained in the
documentation, so it doesn't count as a cop-out.) Talk to Slam again: use
poke. One of the few justified uses of USE I've ever seen in an adventure
  Go east and north. Lift the carpet, open trapdoor, down. Lift the cassettes,
take the sack and climb the ladder (no up-stairs, you see?). Go up and west.
Examine the calendar. Turn page until you come across Teaser (but no
further!), then tear that page out.

  Go east, down, south, west thrice, north twice. Talk to the elf. Buy the
axe. South twice, west four times and south. Cut a tree, then roll tree.
You'll need help, so call Slam beforehand if he's not with you. Now go north,
east thrice and south. Fill the sack, then use (meh) compass to escape the
  Go east and south. Ah, there's our tree. Cross it (never mind the ladder),
and continue south and west. Climb Slam. Search the leaves and skin the bear.
Go back down, east, north, cross, north, west six times to the starting point,
and north. Take the crown.

  And back again... south, east seven times, south. Search the weapons and
take the sword. North, west eight times, south, west. Give the sword to the
dragon (who, amazingly, doesn't try to burn us again). Go east, the north
thrice. Examine the pedestal. Don't just take that Crush - instead, swap.
  And now for the final stretch: go south thrice, west,  north twice, east,
north, up, north, down, north twice and east to collect the ring. You will
automaticcally find yourself in Bulbo's burrow - but where is he? Open the
window, give him the ring. Call Bulbo.

You've now finished your main quest, but there are still 15 points to be had.
And, I'm not telling you where - that's your penalty for reading walkthroughs!
I will give you some hints, though: it's an action that has no relevance to
the rest of the game, it's something which Hobbits - sorry, Boggits - are very
fond of, and you could have done this at any point in the game. Good luck...