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Murder Hunt II (murder-hunt-2-secret-mesage.txt)

If you type CHEAT into the game and then Quit out to the main menu, this is the 'secret'
message that scrolls along the bottom.

** PRESS A KEY TO START **            Murder Hunt 2! Text adventure written by Craig Davies 
1989-92 based on the original sequel written by Bodkin Software in 1985/6.Special effects created by
the infamous Boston Strangler!             "Murder Hunt 2 86" was originally written by
Craig Davies & Mark Hale in 1985.Extra text,secret messages and graphics were added by Craig
Davies in September & October 1986.Efforts to have my games released by major companies came to
nothing (I simply must thank The Power House,Interceptor & Argus Press for their
"help"),so in 1989 it was suggested to me that I send some adventures to Zenobi Software.I
decided to spruce up "MH2" before sending it off,but decided after a week or so of
tinkering with the database to write a totally new version from scratch.The new "Murder Hunt
2" was written from July - September 1989.The adventure was to have contained graphics,but I
ran out of time before drawing them,as I went away to university that October.I later decided to
keep the game text-only.Being at university meant that I could only use my computer during the
holidays,so it wasn't until April 1990 that I was able to send both "Murder Hunt"
games off to Zenobi.Following comments made by play-testers,changes to the adventure were made in
April 1991 and this final version produced.            "Murder Hunt 2" was written on a
very battered 1984 rubber-keyed 48K Spectrum with the aid of the Quill and the Press.My thanks go to
the ever-cheerful Boston Strangler for creating the Special Effects.The "THE END" picture
was drawn on Art Studio and the job of putting the whole thing together would have been impossible
without the trusty Multiface One & Genie.Greetings to
Dirk,"Victoria",Rub!,Kev,Susan,Flabby Roz,Troy,Storky
Sarah,Alex,Judith,Richard,Helen,Anna,Antony,The Fall,Pavement,Stereolab & The Wedding Present
for their continuing brilliance.       Finally,thanks lots to John Wilson for his remarkable
patience and understanding.          Written by Craig Davies,April 26th 1991.    The '91
version of "MH2" was created on 29/4/91 and updated in October 1992. This version was made
on 10/10/92. The '86 versions of "Murder Hunt" & "MH2" should be
released by The Northern Underground,with luck.Thanks for listening!