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Dodo and Damn (Dodo_and_Damn_hints.txt)

C. R. L. Software
Spectrum 48

This is a sequel to Dildo and the Dark Lord. I think that the authors received 
some negative feedback about the name Dildo, so it's been changed to Dodo. In 
this game, despite the title, Damn has absolutely no role to play. The game, 
like its prequel, suffers from illogical puzzles (though some are good), some 
misnaming of objects, and the fact that you often need to die before you know 
what to do. Your objective is to kill Twit and retrieve the ring.

All objects are necessary. You can carry only a limited amount though it is more 
generous than many other games. 

You need to fix Muggins' computer to get him to follow you. The blanket is 
helpful but not in the state it's in.

The yak carpet is important. You need to figure out a way to lift the dresser to 
get it. Something to put into the ceiling and another object to move the 

There is one chance element – when you fire the catapult. SAVE and RESTORE until 
it works.

A strong English liquid will help you past the nettles.

Wearing something stiff and hard will get you past the arrows.

You need to make the tyres smaller before you can use them.

You need electricalhelp to recharge the battery (money is needed).

The rope is needed more than once.

You need something strong, gooey and sticky to stop the walls from moving.

You can get rid of the lurker and the hornets with one sweet thing.

Muggins will help you twice – at the spike location and with the orcs.

Spikes and a hole in the floor (not in the same place) will help after you shout 
at the guard.

You need protection from the dripping water – something that will stop the water 
reaching you.

If, after your hide in the car, you find yourself in a wrong location, return to 
a previously saved position and ensure that something is changed to alter the 

Listen to what people are saying at the inn. Make sure you have money.

At the party you hear a term – this is helpful when it comes to the use of the 

A paving stone can help with a boot problem.

Terri Sheehan

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