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Crystal of Chantie, The (Crystal_Chantie.txt)

Pelagon Software
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Spectrum GAC Version)

Hidden in the Tibetan mountains is the country of Senavie, and it was to 
here one day, from the midst of a violent storm, that a sick stranger 
arrived.  The impish inhabitants of Senavie nursed the stranger back to 
health, and in return he gave them the Crystal of Chantie, a powerful gem 
with eternal life force.  But the gem has been stolen by the evil Count 
Vulgar and his servant Puck.  Senavie is now a desolate, icy waste and it 
is your quest to find the gem and return it before Vulgar uses it to 
conquer the world.

1. DOWN must be typed in full.
2. TEXT turns off graphics, which is necessary sometimes as text scrolls 
off the screen.

Walk Through:
(Start looking north across the enchanted land of Senavie), W, N (by 
igloo), ENTER IGLOO (a wolf is here watching you), GET COAT (fur - don't 
hang around here to put in on though or the wolf will get you), S (back 
outside), WEAR COAT, S, E, S, E (to an east/west path), GET STICK (long), 
W, N, N, N, N (by cave), N (into cave), W, U (into a cove with a ledge and 
nest), PUSH NEST WITH STICK (it falls over the edge), DROP STICK, S (you 
fall to the cave entrance where you now see some dry grass and a worm), 
GET GRASS, EXAMINE GRASS (leave the worm for later), N, W, N (into 
explorer's retreat), DROP GRASS, S, W, S (into ice tunnel), E (you fall 
into a deep icy cell and the hole you fell through is out of reach), GET 
ICE (block), EXAMINE ICE (there is something in it), EXAMINE CELL (you see 
footprints leading into the north wall), PUSH NORTH WALL (it moves to 
reveal a northern passage), N.

E, E (to east end of tunnel), GET FLINTS, W, N (to explorer's retreat), 
DROP ICE, GET GRASS, MAKE FIRE (using the grass and flints - note you can 
only make the fire in the explorer's retreat as other locations are too 
damp), DROP FLINTS, PUT ICE ON FIRE (it melts leaving a key), GET KEY 
(it's too hot), WAIT, GET KEY, S, E, S, GET WORM, S, S, S, S, S, E, E, E 
(to outside explorer's storage shack), UNLOCK DOOR, DROP KEY, OPEN DOOR, N 
(inside shack which is cluttered with junk), EXAMINE JUNK, GET TACKLE 
(fishing), EXAMINE TACKLE, S, W, W, W, W, N, W, N (south of igloo where 
there is a hole in the ice), BAIT TACKLE (using the worm), CATCH FISH (you 
land a crimson fish - not a red herring), GET FISH, DROP TACKLE, E, N, N, 
E (to an east/west path leading into the walled city of Senavie and where 
a deformed bear guards the entrance), DROP FISH (the beast swipes it and 
runs off to eat it in peace), E (into labyrinth of deserted winding 
cobbled lanes - note do not drop items to try to map it as Puck will 
appear and take them - you must study the position of the chimney pots on 
top of the buildings which are in a slightly different position in each 
Labyrinth location), N, E, E, N (to a dead end), W (into cobbler's shop), 
GET BOOTS (climbing), E, S, S, S, W (back to the entrance).

W, S, S, S, S, E (to a lonely east/west passage), WEAR BOOTS, CLIMB 
MOUNTAIN, U (to mountain peak where Puck laughs devilishly), KILL PUCK 
(before he kills you - he drops a silvery object which turns out to be a 
whistle), GET WHISTLE, EXAMINE WHISTLE (it is inscribed "staff whistle"), 
DOWN, DOWN (note DOWN must be typed in full), DROP BOOTS, W, W, W, W (you 
run into a violent storm), WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, WAIT (until the storm passes 
- sheer walls of living ice surround you and a huge ice face watches you 
from the north wall), WAIT (until the face yawns), N (into a dark, 
plunging passage), N (to a north/south ice tunnel), N (into a low-roofed 
cavern where there is a boulder with an ornate rod embedded in it), BLOW 
WHISTLE (the granite shatters), DROP WHISTLE, GET ROD, EXAMINE ROD (it is 
a magic staff), S, S, S, E, E, E, S, S (you stumble across a gaping 
crevasse halting your passage south), WAVE STAFF (a magical crystal bridge 
grows and spans the crevasse), S (to a north/south path).

S (abbey), W, W (into vineyard), GET BOTTLE (of wine), DRINK WINE (this 
leaves you with an empty bottle), E, E, S (into dark forest), E, S, S (you 
are by a 30 ft. wall), W, W, W (into a cave where Forton the evil warlock 
is asleep), N (into potion room where there is a gold bar, a tin can and a 
vat labelled "Growth Serum" - note don't hang around too long or Forton 
will wake), FILL BOTTLE WITH SERUM, S, E, E, E (by 30 ft. wall), PUT SERUM 
ON PLANTS (they grow and grow), LOOK (the plants now scale the wall), DROP 
BOTTLE, CLIMB PLANTS (to north side wall).

E, E, S (a troll guard is sleeping between you and the sword - note if you 
try to take it he kills you - it is necessary to get it from the other 
side), N, W, W, W, S, S, S, E, E, E, N, N (now on the other side of the 
troll so he is no longer between you and the sword), GET SWORD, KILL TROLL 
WITH SWORD (before he kills you), EXAMINE TROLL (you find a gold coin), 
GET COIN, N, W, W, S (to south wall), S (into pool), U, U, U, U (to a 
velvet lawn on the mountain top), S (to porch - note if you ring the bell 
Vulgar will slice you through with his rapier), S (through the door which 
slams shut behind you), LIFT CARPET (see a trapdoor – this is your 
ultimate way out), DROP COAT, S (a butler bars your way), GIVE COIN TO 
BUTLER (he says "Fake death on the piano to find the crystal"… he chuckles 
and walks off), W, S, S, GET BOOK, READ BOOK (you learn about fencing), N, 
W (cold, misty room), WAIT (Count Vulgar appears and attacks you with a 
rapier, but is startled by your swordsmanship and vanishes).

E, N, E, E, EXAMINE PIANO (the notes "A", "D" and "E" are marked – 
remember what you were told about faking death), PLAY DEAD (the room 
shudders), W (you are in a grimy cellar), PUT BOOK ON PLINTH (this 
prevents poison gas filling the room when you remove the crystal), GET 
CRYSTAL, EXAMINE CRYSTAL (you feel a great inner strength and peace), E, 
PLAY DEAD (room shudders again), W (this time you are in Puck's tiny 
bedroom), DROP SWORD, GET RING, E, PLAY DAED (dead backwards – this causes 
the room to shudder again and return to it's original position), W, W, S, 
W, W (annex), GET RUBIES, E, E, N, W (study), GET RUG, E, E, N, LIFT TRAP 
DOOR (you have the strength to do this because the crystal is in your 
possession), DOWN (water pipes), E, BLOCK DRAIN WITH RUG (the water rises 
and carries you upwards).

N, N, DOWN (by wall), N (forest), GET COIN, W, N, N, N (north/south path), 
COIN, S, W, W, W, S, S, E (forest), E, S, S, W, W, W (warlock's cave), N 
(potion room), GET BAR, GET TIN, S, E (back outside), E, E, N, W, N, N, N, 
W, W, W, W, N (blue lake), PUT TIN IN POOL (the scaly beast swallows it 
and disappears into the depths for a sleep), N (you swim north, get the 
pearl and swim back again), S, E, E, E, E, N, E, E, E, N (small shack), 
DROP BAR, S, W, W, W, S, W, W, W, W, N, GET PEARL, S, E, E, E, E, N, E, E, 
E, N (small shack), DROP PEARL, S, W, W, W, S, GET CRYSTAL, N (well done, 
you are surrounded by hundreds of Senaviens… the crystal is safe and your 
quest is over… you have safely stored five out of five treasures).

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