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Darkness of Raven Wood, The (Darkness_of_Raven_Wood.txt)

Darkness of Raven Wood, The
Walkthrough by Alex Dijkstra for the BBC

Note: Turn off write protect because when you finish part 1 a value is written to the disk which
enables playing part 2.

Chapter 1

EXAM CARRIAGE (you find a key), GET KEY, IN, TALK BARMAN (watch out for wolves in forest), GET
GLASS, DRINK BEER, TALK VILLAGERS (they ony talk with you after you drank the beer with them. they
tell you the woman at the vicarage wants something to remember her husband), OUT, E, TALK STRANGER
(he tells you yoU need key to enter blacksmith), EXAM FOUNTAIN, GET ROCK, E, E, EXAM SIGN (you find
a nail), GET NAIL, E, S, S, EXAM BROOK (you find mud), EXAM MUD (you find axe), GET AXE, S, FILL
GLASS (with water), GET BIBLE, EXAM BIBLE (it is dedicated to amy), EXAM BRICKS ( you read the word
xyzzy), SAY XYZZY (you are transported to the location outside the blacksmith), W, N, THROW ROCK
(the crying stops), DROP BIBLE, S, N (the bible has been exchanged for the casket), GET CASKET, EXAM
CASKET (it contains black powder), GET ROCK, S, S, W, EXAM UNDEAD (it'S the priest), SWING AXE
(you slice its head off), GET CRUCIFIX, E, S, EXAM SIGN (you find a string), GET STRING, W, EXAM
SCREE, GET FLINT, E, N, N, E, USE KEY (the door opens), IN, GET HAMMER, STRIKE ROCK (with flint),
USE BELLOWS (the furnace lights), EXAM FURNACE (you fins a burning stick), GET STICK, USE CRUCIFIX
(it melts), USE WATER (you can take the stake), GET STAKE, OUT, W, TALK STRANGER (he tells you you
can use the casket to blast through the wall), STRIKE NAIL (with hammer), USE STRING (you've
made a bomb), S, E, EXAM WOLVES, THROW STICK (the wolves die), GET BONES, CRUSH BONES (with hammer),
W, N, W, IN, TALK VILLAGERS (you learn that you ust offer crushed bones to offer the spirit
angelus), OUT, E, S, S, S, E, EXAM STONE, DROP POWDER, SAY ANGELUS, TALK GHOST (the ghost imbues the
stake), W, N, N, N, E, E, E, E, N, GET BRICK (you make a small hole), PLACE CASKET, STRIKE ROCK
(with flint), S (the bomb explodes), N (you see a large hole), GO HOLE (you need the hammer, imbued
stake and axe to be able to pass the barrier).

Chapter 2

You have lost all your objects except the hammer, stake and axe.
In all the rooms you hear undergrowth splintering nearby and growling you have a 30% chance of
encountering a werewolf. The werewolf can't be killed.

E, E, E, E, S, GET BOOK, W, S, EXAM KEEPER, EXAM ARM (you find a key), GET KEY, EXAM POND (you find
a handle), GET HANDLE, S, E, EXAM STATUE (inscription pull 3rd then place and twist), S, E, S, USE
KEY (padlock), IN, GET SHEARS, GET BUCKET, OUT, N, W, N, W, N, FILL BUCKET (with water), S, E, S, E,
S, E, EXAM FIRE (there is something in the flame), USE WATER (you find an amulet), GET AMULET, EXAM
AMULET (it has a carving of a snake), READ BOOK (snakes fear amulet), W, W, SHOW AMULET (the snake
cowers in fear), GET LADDER, E, N, W, DROP LADDER, U (you need the ladder), EXAM KITE (you find a
key), GET KEY (iron), D, E, E, USE KEY (you unlock the doors), D, READ BOOK (you read about how to
kill the plant), W, U, EXAM PICTURE (you find the letters OM), E, EXAM PICTURE (you find the letters
LI), N, EXAM PICTURE (you find the letter X), W, EXAM DRAWS (you find a dagger), GET DAGGER, E, S,
E, PULL CORD (you enter a secret passage), W, S, CUT HAND (with dagger), SAY OMLIX (the letters you
found on the pictures), S, E, USE HANDLE , W (the plant dies), READ BOOK (daemons fear silver), SAY
XYZZY(you are transported to the place where you found the book), W, W, S, S, S (the roots are
dead), USE SHEARS (the roots have to be dead, you find an idol), GET IDOL, N, E, E, S, E, E, D, GET
BOTTLE, 3 (the number you read on the statue. a hole opens), GO HOLE, EXAM ALTAR (it has an
indention), EXAM IDOL (it's base fits in something), PLACE IDOL, TURN IDOL (you find a
parchment), GET PARCHMENT, READ PARCHMENT (you learn the word emeth), OUT, W, U, E, N, EXAM MIRROR
(it's backed with silver), SWING AXE (the axe shatters the mirror), GET SHARD, CRUSH SHARD
(with obtain silver powder), S, W, D, SAY EMETH (the golem shudders to a halt), N, THROW
POWDER, USE STAKE, HIT STAKE (with hammer. you kill lord Elgan).

The game contains a few minor bugs:

*First chapter:
-you can examine the bricks in any location to learn the word XYZZY

*Second chapter:
-You can't go back north in the room with the sealed door in the south wall when the door is
sealed although you just came from the north. I used the word xyzzy to escape.