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Gravely Manor (Gravely_Manor.txt)

Gravely Manor - Solution 
2005 Wilko Schröter 

Room 1: 
I => Box of matches, EXAM MATCHES ("Safty type"), EXAM COBWEB => A handsome oil
lamp, TAKE LAMP, N, 
N, N 

Room 4: 
EXAM BOOK ("A history of Gravely Manor. Some pages speak of the first owner's Amulet of
Power. It's 
claimed that it is hidden in the manor"), EXAM DESK ("Looks heavy"), MOVE DESK
("You struggle at 
the heavy desk and notice a lever"), EXAM LEVER ("Looks stiff!"), PULL LEVER
("You hear a low 
rumbling sound"), S, W, U 

Room 5 
EXAM BARREL ("Full of oil!"), L (=>A large barrel), FILL LAMP ("You fill the lamp
with oil..."), D 

Room 6 
LIGHT LAMP ("It burns brightly"), D, S 

Room 9 
EXAM SHELF (=>A large metal key, A rusty pickaxe), DROP MATCHES, EXAM PICKAXE ("Must have
been a 
strong man who used this!"), TAKE KEY, TAKE PICKAXE, N, U 

Room 6 

Room 2 
EXAM FLAGSTONES ("One looks as though it is loose"), MOVE FLAGSTONE ("You lever the
loose flag up 
with the pickaxe and see something") => A bright metal rod, EXAM ROD ("Carved in a most
toothed pattern"), TAKE ROD, N 

Room 3 
EXAM PAINTING ("An old gentleman with an Amulet around his neck"), DROP PICKAXE, TAKE
EXAM WALL ("That could be a keyhole"), INSERT ROD (the game is completed!)

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