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Spooky Manor (spooky_manor_hints.txt)

Spooky Manor Hints

by Steve Hodgson

- Each player automatically has a source of light in their inventory.
- Read everything you can.
- Use the large iron key to open the larger doors.
- Use the small brass key to open items of furniture.
- Put the fire out in the banqueting hall to climb the fireplace.
- The source of water (to put the fire out) is marked on the map.
- There are two vessels for carrying water.  One will do the job quicker, but is heavier.
- If you want to go behind the statues, tell the game where you want to go.
- To get the golden ball you'll need something to cut the rope and something to stand on.
- Moving the slab will take lots of manpower, or magic.
- The main treasure has 5 branches, and will protect you from the ghosts.
- Don't panic in the wine cellar - use the map.
- Leave the house to finish the game.  Don't forget your friends.