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Escape From Mars (Escape_From_Mars.txt)

Escape From Mars (Aardvark)

This game exists in two versions. It is known as "Escape from Mars" or 
just "Mars". The solution might differ slightly due to bugs in the 

get textbook, read textbook (we need alcohol for fuel), drop textbook, go 
down, open locker, look, get bill, read bill (what we need for a still), 
drop bill, get oxybottle, get nets, go east, go sandsled, get club, go 
down, go east, go east, look mirror, look pockets, play harmonica, play 
harmonica, play harmonica, play harmonica, take martian, nets, look, get 
helmet, drop nets, drop harmonica, break mirror, club, look, go west, get 
grail, look grail, get seeds, drop grail, go west, go north, get water, 
helmet, go south, go west, break crates, club, drop club, look, get 
fastgro, recharge, go east, go east, go north, go east, drop seeds, drop 
fastgro, drop water, look, get wheat, go west, get torch, go south, go 
east, go up, light torch, look, go west, go west, get rope, go east, go 
down, go down, go west, go north, tie rope, statue, look, go down, get 
injector, go east

At this point you enter a maze with random exits. The maze consists of 
three rooms only, so you should find all of these tree rooms by walking 
randomly about. The rooms are:

Dry well - where you came in
Maze of halls - where you just entered
Dank cellar - north of maze of halls(?)

Find your way to the dank cellar, get tubing, then find your way back to 
the dry well again;

go up, go south, go west, go west, recharge, go east, go north, get 
water, helmet, go south, get airrocks, go east, go south, get flasks, 
drop torch, get table, go up, go north, drop table, drop airrocks, light 
fire, drop wheat, drop tubing, drop water, look (we made alcohol), get 
alcohol, flasks, go south, go down, go north, go west, go west, drop 
injector, drop alcohol, go east, drop club, drop helmet, drop flasks, go 
west, go up, push button (you win)

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