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Assassins' Guild, The (Assassins_Guild_hints.txt)

By Phillip Ramsay
Adventure Workshop
Spectrum 128


This game is broken up into four parts. It is quite difficult. There are 
some hints given throughout the game, but also numerous red herrings and 
false clues.

You can read the letter in part 1, but do not read it in Part 3 (since 
part 3 does not require loading a previous game, it is like starting from 
the beginning). The letter is in code. It is a cryptogram, a cipher-
substitution code. Substitute the upper-case letters in the body of the 
letter with GUILD and work from there. There are errors (fqwt jv should 
be one word – fqwtjv; the "n" in nzgv should be a different letter). No 
matter, reading the letter is not required.

The parser recognizes more than two words, and at times this is 
Once you take the eye in part 2, there are a limited number of moves, so 
don't dawdle.

You can hide things in your cloak (e.g. the letter, the ring).

SAY SPELL at the throne in order to wear the ring.

There are several adverbs needed: CAREFULLY, CLOSELY, CAUTIOUSLY, 

Important prepositions are IN, THROUGH, BEHIND, TO.

TALK <person> is needed. SAY/GIVE TO <person> <word> is the order to 

Ignore the Dwarf's entreaties in Part 2 when you see him again.

The nugget is needed in Part 1, but not in Part 4.

Do not take the mahogany.

Searching and examining things will often give you the necessary 

SWIM RIVER to knock the dwarf into the water.

HIT PUBLICAN so you can search behind the bar.

Repeat an action several times if unsuccessful in certain locations. 

There are several mathematical and word puzzles most of which are easily 
solvable. The exception I found was the letter sequence M V E M. The 
answer is J (obtained by lots of save/restore playing).

The answers to the riddles in Part 3 are known to some people. If you do 
not know them, SEARCH STONE CLOSELY.

REMOVE UNIFORM after examing the elf.

Don't panic if you are captured by the brigands. Listen to them. Also, 
don't panic if the half-troll reneges on his promise. Stay in the caverns 
until he returns and until you hear that something has been stolen.


To play Part 2 you need the ring hidden in your robe.

Terri Sheehan