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Captured (Captured.txt)


Solution by Akkroid on November 10 2015 (C64 Version)

Spelling mistakes are as they appear in game. The magnet and matches are red herrings. 

Full Solution:

examine slit, feel slit, l, get screwdriver, wait, wait (captured).

open door, n, n, feel body, l, get bone, examine bone, south, south, examine grate, remove grate, e,
south, get note, read note (wallpaper Bill - clue), n, n, e, e, n, remove paper, e, south, e, open
door, 7833 (from note), n, push bell, e, south, e, south, d, get key, u, n, w, n, w, south, w,
south, open door, w, south, e, south, examine machine, repair machine, get card, n, w, south, w, n,
give bone, n, examine refrigerator, place card, open refrigerator, w (Yes! You're escaped!)