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House, The (House.txt)

´╗┐THE HOUSE (Zenobi Software)

Inventory, get letter, read letter (your task is revealed), get keys, unlock door, enter, lock door
the front and back doors of the house must remain locked until you have switched off the burglar 

Drop letter, examine door (you find and take a smock), examine smock, wear smock, N, look under 
stairway (it's pretty dark under there), feel under stairway (you find and pick up a metallic
inventory (it was a torch), N, E, examine mould, N, examine carpet, N, N, examine table, examine 
soup ('SNNEE - amazing'), examine sink, look under sink, get all, W, W, examine scullery
(you find 
a power unit - ignore this now), S, S, examine radio, examine dial, unplug radio, examine plug, N, 
N, turn on power.

S, S, S, examine hearth, examine mantelpiece (it's too high), feel mantelpiece (you find a
stand on cracked tile, press button, switch on torch, get bellows, enter, get crowbar, E, E, E, 
examine machine (not much use), W, N, N, examine door, read sign (you'll need a combination), 
help (gives a clue regarding Richard Branson and Virgin) turn dial to 1215 (the radio frequency), N,

E, examine table, get cloth, W, W, drop all but bellows, squeeze bellows, get all, E, S, S, Sl W, W,

leave, switch off torch.

Put keys in pocket, E, S, drop all except knife, U, U, examine easel, examine canvas,  D, N, E, lie

down, examine bed, examine gold (a clue as to its likely recipient), get gold, W, examine woman 
(another clue), S, S, W, examine wall, examine safe, examine name (Tarantula). This is a 
letter/number subsitution puzzle where the final number required is the sum of all the indiviual 
letters. The numbers for 'R' (3) and 'T' (5) give the game away. This particular
alphabet runs from 'P' 
(1) to 'O' (26). So, simply work out the number for each individual letter in
'Tarantula' and add them 
up. If you can't be bothered, here's the answer: type 103 (and the safe swings open).

Examine safe, get paints, get palette, E, N, D, N, N, N, N, drop all but the bag of gold, get keys,

unlock door, leave, lock door, examine gate, read notice (what a terrible pun!), examine patio, get

slab, open gate, prop gate, N, W, examine man (for another clue), give gold, enter, get spade,
E, E, E (and remember the alphabet soup!), S, N, NE, dig, get candlestick, examine candlestick, E, 
W, W, S, unlock door, enter, lock door, put keys in pocket, drop spade, get all but spade.

S, S, S, S, drop candlestick, U, U, mix paints, finish painting, drop all, get canvas, D, D, N, W,
hang painting, examine painting (but forget about entering for the moment), S, E, S, get 
screwdriver, S. W, get keys, unlock door, poke screwdriver into keyhole (something falls inside the

cupboard), unlock door, examine junk (you find a hammer and chisel), drop bellows, put torch in 
pocket,  put keys in pocket, get all but bellows, unroll scroll, read scroll, E, drop hammer, drop 
chisel, drop scroll, W, get cleaner, plug in cleaner (no plug!), get cloth, N, get bottle, N, W, N,
radio, examine plug, remove plug from lead, pour fluid on cloth, clean plug, fit plug to cleaner.

E, E, plug in cleaner, drop cleaner, switch on cleaner, use hoover, switch off cleaner, remove bag 
(you find a diamond ring), drop cleaner, S,. pour fluid on cloth, clean mould, read message
('15 is 
the magic number F A C E'), W, S, get crowbar, S, drop bottle, drop cloth, drop ring, drop 
screwdriver, get hammer, get chisel, get keys, unlock door, leave, lock door, D, E, N, enter, drop
row West, get all, leave, W, W, loosen bars, enter, turn off alarm,  drop hammer, drop chisel, get 
torch,  switch on torch.

S, examine coffin (it's tight against the wall and has a lid), lift lid (with the crowbar),
enter coffin, 
examine coffin (the west side swings), roll West, U, get statue (ebony figure of a small child - the

clue's in the colour), on bed, roll east, leave, N, U, open door (it's bolted), slide
bolt, open door, W, 
U (back in the house), switch off torch, W, S, S, S, drop goblet, get bellows, U, give statue (the 
woman disappears), W, examine cot, get goblet, examine goblet, E, S, S, E, drop all but bellows, 
squeeze bellows, help (read message on the study wall), drop bellows, W, N, D, N, E, N, unplug 
cleaner, get cleaner, S, W, S, U, S, E, plug in cleaner, drop cleaner, switch on cleaner, use hoover
hits a bump in the floor), lift floor (you uncover a strong-box), examine box (it's another
puzzle using the sequence of letters 'A' to 'I' and their reverse numerical
order - remember F A C E), 
type 4975 (the box flies open), examine box, get book, examine book, get torch, get keys, W, N, D, 
drop book, drop crowbar.

N, N, N, E, D, switch on torch, E, D, leave, switch off torch, E, E, E, enter, drop all, row East, 
leave, N, N, E, enter, feel presence, get spear, leave, W, S, S, enter, drop spear, row South, get
leave, S, W, U, unlock door, enter, N, N, W, N, enter, throw spear (and automatically obtain 

E, S, S, drop keys, get scroll, get book, get candlestick, put scroll in pocket, get ring, wear
ring, get 
goblet, N, W, enter, switch on torch, E, E, N, N, N, E, examine table, put dagger on 1, get scroll,

put scroll on 2, put book on 3, put goblet on 4, remove ring, put ring on 5, put candlestick on 6,
S, S, S, W, W, leave, E, S, S ('Congratulations. You have solved all the puzzles and placed all
valuable objects in their correct positions/'). Final score: 100%

A Wibble and Blim production for The Classic Adventure Solution Archive

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