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Time Warden (Time_Warden.txt)

Solution to Simon Wadsworth's Time Warden.

This is a game for the ZX81 written - except for the input routine -
in Basic. This means it's slow, and not very large. Still, for its
day it's written well enough, though it's standard "random objects
SciFantasy" fare. All words can be abbreviated to three letters,
and objects must be referred to by one single noun; so if, e.g.,
the "silver key" doesn't respond to "key", try "silver".
This walkthrough only takes you past the necessary sights. Examining
objects will often give you hints which I don't, so do that first
before relying on this document.
                                        -- Richard Bos, November 2014

S, move teleporter, go passageway, E, get card (you don't need
the shovel), W, N, go teleporter, insert card, go exit.
S, search bricks, get gold brick, S, build wall, go hole, dig,
take yellow powder, E, S, dig, take blue powder, W, N, N, N, E,
go mountain, go cave, drop yellow powder, drop blue powder.

Take flask, W, N, go lake, swim down, take silver key, take cutters,
swim up, fill flask, swim, go mountain, go cave, empty flask.
Go crevice, open box, take crystals, S, unlock door, go door, E,
get lever, W, go beam, open hatch, go hatch, insert crystals.

W, N, E, go opening, cut fence, go gap, dial - answer 19,
dial - answer 05, take key, press button, replace key.