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Escape From Time (Escape_From_Time.txt)

Solution of Mark Chapman's Escape from Time

This is a Basic game for the 48K ZX Spectrum, published in November 1983
in Sinclair Programs. Like many Basic adventures, it's rather inflexible
in the input it accepts, so use the commands given below literally. In
particular, "get" for "take" is not accepted, and while you can use
"s", "e", "w" and "d" for "north" etc.,
"enter", "leave" and, strangely
enough, "up" must be entered in full. Nouns can be abbreviated in some
context but not all; play on the safe side.
One word of warning: the version of Escape from Time currently on World
of Spectrum plays fast and loose with spaces and punctuation. In the room
descriptions this is merely ugly and hard to read, but where this problem
also infects the grammatical DATA statements, the game becomes unsolvable.
A corrected version has been submitted but may well take some time in
appearing; in the mean time, you should be able to find it where you got
this solution. Note that this version doesn't correct everything, only the
problems introduced in typing it up; ones originally present in the text
as published in Sinclair Programs have been left in. These, however, don't
make the game unwinnable; contrariwise, they make solving it easier than
intended. The walkthrough below doesn't make use of them, but see if you
can figure out which puzzles didn't strictly speaking have to be solved.
                                             -- Richard Bos, November 2014

e, n. open door, enter. take code book. leave, s, w, s, s, d, n, e.
use code book. w, n. use code book, drop code book. s, s, up, n, n, w.
open sesame, take key, open sesame. e, s, s, d. use key, drop key.
enter, take mop, leave. up, n, n, e. enter, take wood, leave. w, n, w.
use mop, drop mop, w. make ladder. leave, e, n, d. take can of oil.
up, e. use ladder. look. enter mirror. look. enter, take hair pin.
leave, leave. e, s. pick lock, drop hair pin. enter. oil button,
drop can, push button. e, s. take micro-chip. n, w, d, leave, w.
use ladder, drop ladder. s, w, w. take oars. leave, e, s, s, e.
take boat, use boat. take crystal. use boat, drop boat, drop oars.
w, s, d, n, n, open case, look, enter case, use micro-chip, use crystal.