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Lost Island (Lost_Island.txt)

Solution for M. Holman's Lost Island

This is a ZX81 adventure written entirely in Basic. As far as input
handling goes, it has a few idiosyncracies. All verbs and many nouns
must be fully typed out (even "inventory"), though in some contexts
object names can be abbreviated, and happily, so can directions after
"Go". However, you _must_ use "Go <direction>"; you cannot, as usual,
use, e.g., "North" or "N" as the verb. "Drop" isn't recognised;
"Leave" instead.
Strangely enough, objects present will only become visible after you
use the command "Look", not when the location is described; but you can
take them without this command. In the walkthrough below, I've left it
out. On the positive side, unlike in many "lost on an island" games,
all objects are suitable for such a surroundings; you'll find no laser
guns or magic wands here, only piratey things. In fact, except for the
limitations of the ZX81 and the odd parser, Lost Island is not a bad
                                           -- Richard Bos, November 2014

Go W, open chest, take sword, go E. Go N, go N, climb tree, take rope,
climb down. Go N, go N, go W. Throw rope, climb idol. Go W, enter tree,
take tinderbox. Go S, go E, go N, take torch, go N, light torch. Go N,
go W, go N, go E three times.
Kill snake, go E. Take spade, go W three times, dig sand, leave spade.
Open chest, take gunpowder. Go W, go S, go E, go S, go S, leave torch.
Go S, climb down, go E, go S, go W. Chop nettles. Go N, light gunpowder,
leave gunpowder, enter cave, take lamp-oil.
Go S, go S, go S, go W, go N. Throw rope, climb up, take telescope,
climb down. Go S, go E, go N, go E, go S, go E, go S. Pour oil (and,
in an exception to the normal procedure, you must use "oil" here, not
"lamp-oil"), light fire. Search horizon, and keep doing so until you
see a ship - this shouldn't take long, there's a fifty percent chance
each time. Once you've spotted it, go N, then go W.