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Tablets of Hippocrates (Tablets_of_Hippocrates.txt)

Solution of Simon Fawkes' Tablets of Hippocrates - ZX81 version

This solution mostly follows Juan Duc's one for the later C16/Aquarius
version, The earlier ZX81 game is the same in essence, but differs in some
important details. For example, "TAKE" isn't recognised - you have to
objects - but more crucially, several objects have different names and
several connections go another way. Note that in the ZX81 version, you _must_
abbreviate N, S, E and W, but _can't_ abbreviate Up and Down.
                                                  -- Richard Bos, October 2014

Read the notice, and also read the back. (Yes, there's a clue to this in the
game!) Go N and E. Make a raft and get it. Go S, S, W; use the raft and drop
it. Get the key. Go N, S, E, E, use the key, and go E and down. Get the bottle
and knife. Go up, W, W, W, S, S, W. Fill the bottle.
Go E, N, N, N. Use the bottle, go N and E, use the knife, N, N. Drop the knife
and key. Go N, W, S, E, get the flint; W, N, E, get the candle. Use and drop
the flint. Go E, N, E, N, N. Enter the pothole, then W and S. Use the bottle
and drop it. Take the tablet, and go N, N, E, E.
Get the knife and key. Go N and W. Remember the sign? Say abradabra. N, N, N,
use the knife, and N once more. Move the floor and get the other tablet. Then
go S, S, W, enter the passage, and finally go S.