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Sphere of Q'li (Sphere_of_QLi.txt)

                               Walkthrough for

                             The Sphere of Q'Li

                              by Phillip Ramsay

                            Written by Richard Bos

  First, a few notes.

  To start with, The Sphere of Q'Li is a PAWed game for the ZX Spectrum.
Words are therefore significant to five letters rather than the more usual
four. It's also very much a game of its time; despite claiming to be for
"seasoned" adventurers, it is long on locations and short on puzzles, and half
of what puzzles there are consist of examining _or_ searching the room, not an
object in the room.
  Obviously, since this is a walkthrough, spoilers are rife below. I'm not
taking you past every single clue and sight; in fact, I'm taking you past none
that aren't necessary. There are a few more hints to be had, but not many;
there are also quite a few red herrings (such as a coin, a carved stone, and an
axe) which can be found, but not used for anyting. All in all, it's not a very
plot-heavy game.

  Take the torch, go north twice (there is nothing important in the first dark
location except the figure), and turn on the torch. Go north three times and
east twice. Examine the wall. Go south, east, south, east and south again.
Search the passage and take the cruse. Go east, then back west, north, west,
north, west and north.
  Go west four times, north, up and down. Turn your torch off, then go east and
north. Drink the water, then get some water. Go north; examine the gnomes, then
take the one gnome. Go east twice, examine the hill and take the herb. Go
south, east, and south twice.
  Turn on the torch and go west, and give the herb to the witch. Go east, turn
your torch off, and go north twice, west, north, west twice, and south four
times. Examine the bed. (Clever? It's not clever game design to make your
player examine the whole room, in several rooms...) Take the blossom. Go north
twice and west.

  Turn your torch back on, then go up, down and south. Examine the wall, then
go west and north. Examine the steps and take the key. Go down, open the door,
south and west. Examine the coffin twice, then talk to the man. Go east, north,
up, south, east five times, south, east, south, east, south, east, south, and
west twice. Turn off the torch, then go west twice more.
  Talk to the man (you can't call him "organist" because the PAW, although
taking one more letter than the Quill, still can't distinguish between that and
"organ"), say Prokofiev, and give him the gnome. Go north, search the store,
and take the Arc. Go south, east, north, east, north, west, north twice and
east, search the alcove, and take the icon. Go back west, south twice, east,
south, west and south.
  Walking in the dark is safe, you just can't see anything. Therefore, go east
twice, then north four times and east. Examine the wood, then the bones, and
take the ring. Now east twice, north, west four times, and north out of the
wood. North once more, then west. Search the bedroom - not the room, that won't
work, the word "bedroom" is necessary here - and take the key. Go south,
examine the desk, and read the book. Remember that name.

  Now north, east, south thrice, west thrice, and south four times. Turn on the
torch. Go east, north thrice and west. Unlock the door, go north, talk to the
wizard and give him the icon. Remember that name, too, but don't use it yet! Go
south and east twice, unlock the door, go north, give the water to the woman
and go east. Search the cell and take the Arc.
  Go west, south and west. Examine the rock and take the frog. Next go south
twice, west, north, west, north, west, north, west five times, north, down,
south and west. Give the ring to the man (yes, he's still here), then go north,
examine the table, put the blossom on it, and only then take the statuette.
  Go south, east and south thrice. Examine this coffin twice as well, talk to
the woman, and say Adrana. Go south, then east twice. Open the chest and take
the Arc. Now back west twice, north five times, up, south, east and north, up
and down.
  Turn off your torch. East twice, north twice, east and south. Put the
statuette on the monolith; take the Arc. Next go east, south twice, and west.
Turn your torch back on - if you have been deviating from this walkthrough it
may have started to flicker by now, but don't worry, we're nearly there - and
give the frog to the witch.
  Go west. Open this chest as well. Take the scroll, then read it. Finally,
summon Grokar, then give him the sphere for, well, a not particularly
satisfying ending. There isn't even a crowd carrying you off into the sunset...