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Civil Service II (Civil_Service_2.txt)


....and even tougher than its predecessor.

Say hello ("I'll see you in the oval room, if you get that far."), enter 
(homonym room), examine door in each room,  chilli, Chile, N, roam, Rome, 
NE, 15, SE, grease, Greece, S, sterling, Stirling, SW, 4, W, whales, 
Wales, W, read notice, type track, type side, open package, get 5, 
examine 5, E, NW, leave.

N, say hello, drop all, enter (crossword building), get box, get list, 
read list (the answers to the clues are: bet, mow, has, phlegm, quinsy, 
pyx, jack and visard) - drop the letters in the right places. Leave and 
say hello, drop all, enter, head North to the place where you dropped the 
V, get disc 1, return S, leave, get all.

SW, say hello, drop all, enter (collective noun building), get bag, look 
in bag, drop the collective nouns as follows: peacocks - muster; bears - 
sloth; falcons - cast; cats - clowder; nightingales - watch; owls - 
parliament; moles - labour; hounds - cry; otters - bevy; spiders - 
cluster; butlers - draught; rabbits - colony. Now the room to the North 
of the falcons opens, head there, get the cup and leave the building.

S, enter (school), say hello, the answers are: galleon; frigate; cruiser; 
coaster; gondola; tanker; steamer; and, boats. S, say hello, examine cup, 
get disc 2, give cup. E, examine blackboard, the answers are: ear; 
blacksmith; circle; and, music. E, read notice, Shout Eureka, get disc 0 
(you should by now have eight discs). NW, examine pegs, examine coat, 
examine left pocket, get string, examine right pocket, get key, drop all 
but key, E, unlock locker, drop key, get weights, W, drop string, tie 
string to weights, hang weights on middle peg, enter. The answer is: It's 
a wise man who knows his own father (enter each word in turn) and get 
disc 3, leave, get all. N, say hello, the answers are 96 and 125, examine 
safe (the answer to this is an algebraic equation, but you need a note to 
work it out - leave it for now). S, E, examine locker, get rod, W, W, 

SE, NE, say hello, enter (low building), help, the starting point is 
penny on the top row and the order is SW (piece), SE (meal), W (time), SW 
(less), N (on), W (set), S (back), SE (water), S (man), E (or), NE (bit), 
N (ten), E (ant), N (hem), NW (lock). Head back to the exit, leave, say 
hello (you should now have 11 discs).

N, say hello, enter (letters building). The words are: gypsy; sylph; 
myth; rhythm; and, tryst. Start at G (where you enter) and head SE, E, 
NW, SW, S, S, S, E, N, N, E, S, S, NE, N, N, NW, E, E, S, S, S, SW, E. 
Head back to G and leave. 

NW, W, W (club), put paper half under door, push rod in keyhole, pull 
paper, get key, unlock door, enter, examine notice, type usher, examine 
card, leave, E, NE, N, enter, examine floor, leave, S, SE, E, examine 
bush, examine leaf, get spot, W, NW, N, enter, put spot on X (you now 
have all 13 discs). 

S, SW, S, SE, say hello, enter (disc building), drop 1, N, drop 4, S, NW, 
drop 8, S, drop 5, E, drop 9, SE, drop 0, W, drop 11, S, drop 3, N, W, 
drop 6, SW, drop 2, NE, S, drop 12, E, drop 10, N, drop 7, NW, N, NE, 
leave, read note, NW, enter, E, N (now it's time for the safe), turn dial 
to 1539, examine safe, get golden key, S, W, leave, SE, unlock gate, S 
(you're given the key to the executive washroom - "Welcome to the 

A Wibble and Blim production for The Classic Adventure Solution Archive

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