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Dungeons of Thuria (Dungeons_of_Thuria.txt)

Solution for Brian Lingard's Dungeons of Thuria

The available version of Dungeons of Thuria is a beta version, and indeed it is
not quite finished in places, and quite idiosyncratic in some. For one, there
are no synonyms, not even for "take", though there are the usual abbreviations
for directions, inventory &c. Unusually, you can't drop more than one object in
most locations. The scoring and winning system is still buggy, which becomes
clear at the end of the game. As for the game, it is a Standard Treasure Hunt
which, despite some theft from Colossal Cave, is decently executed for its day
(the original version was written in the early 1980s).

Go west twice and north. Take the twinkies. South, take the nail. Go east four
times into the swamp, south twice, take the oil - your lamp isn't yet glowing
at all, but it _is_ now filled to its maximum - and west. Take the paper and go
west again. Pick the lock, open the door, and go north.
Drop the paper (for some reason, even a paper scrap scores points), light the
lamp using the command "on", then go north twice and east twice. Take the
sword, go west thrice, and kill the skeleton. West, take the coins, east twice,
south and west, take the bars, east and south. Drop the sword and bars, but not
the coins.
Go north, east, down and south. Take the rod. Go north and drop the coins.
North again, take the jewels, north and west. Plugh. Xyzzy, for good measure.
Go east, down, east and north; plover; take the emerald; plover. Take the vase,
go south, west, and north, take the pillows, and enter the magic word "pillow".
Drop the pillows, vase, emerald and jewels. Pillow again.

Go up and take the flute. Now go down - I don't know whether it's intentional
or a bug that you end up in another room, but you do. Go north, play the flute,
up, take the egg, north, and take the boots. Pick the lock, open the grate, and
go down. Go north, feed the bear, and take the rug.
Go south. Take the book. Enter the magic word "marcus". Yes, there is a hint
for this, quite nearby in fact. Find it yourself, you horrible walkthrough
reader! Go east, south, west, south, west, south, west, north, Pillow. Drop the
nail, flute, egg, rug and book.

Pillow, up, down, north, east, north. Wave the rod, then go north (and never
mind that bridge),and take the diamonds. Move the slab and go east, take
scroll, west - we didn't need the bridge anyway. Next go east, wear the boots,
south, and take the pearl.
Now east. Answer the first question with any name you choose, then answer home,
and answer marcus (again!). Go north and take the pyramid. Go back south,
north, west twice, south, west, south, west, north, pillow. Drop the rod,
diamonds, scroll, pearl and pyramid.
Finally, we go back to the pyramid room: pillow, up, down, north, east twice,
south, east, north. Neep. Score. Quit. There is no winning routine in the
version of Thuria I've seen, so this is the closest you can come.

                                                 -- Richard Bos, September 2014