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Janitor (Janitor.txt)

  Solution for Peter Seebach and Kevin Lynn's Janitor

This walkthrough not only solves the story, but does some appropriate janitory
things as well. You don't actually need to do those, but hey, why not? There
are, by the way, still some more secrets to be discovered in this game. See if
you can find another way to the mirror house, for example.
                                                    -- Richard Bos, August 2014

  Go northwest, get your mop and bucket and a bulb, southeast, open the fridge,
get a can and the tub, close the fridge, put everything in the bucket. No,
don't worry, it won't spoil. We'll see why in a moment.
  Go east, then south... or try to. Examine your mop. A disruptor field?
Turn it on, _then_ go south. Oh dear. Search the janitor and take the diamond.
Also take the snake; _this_ one isn't dangerous. Go north and drop the snake.
Yup, your score goes down. Take the cage, then the bird. Go north and east,
open the cage, west and north, drop it.
  Go south, up and south. Open the fridge, get the can and put it in there,
and close the fridge. Go north, clean the floor, east, take the dead bulb,
take the live one from your bucket, and insert it in the fixture. Go west.
For convenience, drop your mop here. Go north and take all. Go south, retrieve
your mop, and close the safe.
  Smell the cask. Wind the bird. Examine the coin, then the date. Gaze in the
orb. Put all in your bucket, get both diamonds, scratch red diamond with blue.
Take inventory - most of your treasures are fake! This will become relevant
later, but for now, let's just return them to their rightful places.

  Go up, get the knife and put it on the table. Turn on your mop. Go northeast,
south twice and west. Put the blue diamond in the hole. Go west twice. Turn off
your mop. Get the torch and put it in the sconce. Take the balloon, go west
twice (and note the difference in the snake now the mimesis disruptor is off -
that's what must've killed the other janitor!) and north.
  Untie the balloon, take the basket, go north and drop it, south. Get the
tarp, put it on the ladder, and push the ladder west. Go south, take the cask
and drop it here, get the tub and repair the hole with it. Turn on the field
and go northeast.
  Go east and south, close the trap door and then the carpet. Go northeast,
east thrice, north and east, pull the lever, go back northeast, then north
twice and west. Get the orb and put it on the pedestal. Go north and close the
steel door. Get the coin and put it in the couch. Go west and clean the mirror.
East, down and west. Get the music box and drop it.

  You now have no points left. Ok, but now what? First, let's return to our own
territory. Go northeast, west three times, and northeast again. We need to get
deeper into the suspicious goings-on, here, so tell Eva about the treasures.
Go north. Examine the desk, the toys, and the model. Solve the model. Take the
key and unlock the big drawer with it, then open the big drawer.
  Now for the other toy: swing the balls. While it's still clicking-clacking,
open the little drawer. Put everything in your bucket (to make room in your
main inventory), take the book on secret doors and the dictionary and put the
latter in the little drawer. Close the little drawer, and open the file drawer.
  It's time for Eva to do some work. Take the paperwork and show it to her.
Then ask her to move the puppies. Examine the safe. Only a poster? Well, by now
we know what to do about illusions. Take the mimesis generator, point it at the
safe, and open the safe. Aha! Get the cask (or any other real treasure) from
the safe, and show it to Eva.
  Finally, put the book on secret doors on the shelf. Rotate the shelf. West.