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Mapper, The (Mapper.txt)

                              Walkthrough for

                                 The Mapper

                               by Karl Bunyan

                           Written by Richard Bos

  First, a few notes. 
  To start with, this is a PAWed game for the ZX Spectrum. Words are therefore
significant to five letters rather than the more usual Quill's four. It also
makes use of the PAW's time-out facility, so if you don't type any commands, a
turn will pass after a while. This can cost you your life at certain points, so
be careful. The game is also somewhat particular with regards to adjectives and
prepositions for some, though not all, commands.
  Obviously, since this is a walkthrough, spoilers are rife below. I'm not
taking you past every single clue. Most of them would, in any case, involve
dying, which (apart from being thoroughly unfashionable these days) isn't
really workable in a walkthrough. The game does come with its own external
Player's Guide, though, which provides not only the legend to the map, but also
a series of hints. Before you read this walkthrough, it would be a good idea to
read those. Also read the manual, which is more informative than usual for
Zenobi games and tells you what your task is and which samples you have to

So, off on your mission!

  Go ne and east, then quickly go ne again. If you dawdle in the marsh, the gas
will get you, but if you're quick you're safe. Here, though, we meet our first
unfairness. You might sink into quicksand, and if so, there's nothing you can
do but restart. To be honest, we could've avoided that one, but only at the
price of putting the next bit of unfair treatment rather further into the game,
and that one is unavoidable.
  Dig a hole in the sand, then melt the sand. You now have a glass boat to take
you across the acid river. Go ne. Here is the next unfairness: these geysers
erupt. If the one to the east, south or west erupts, you get points. If the one
under your feet erupts, you die. The eruptions are random, and I haven't found
anything you can do to survive one. Luckily, each neighbouring one is four
times as likely to erupt as the one you're standing on, and there are three of
them. If no geyser has erupted, keep looking until either the one here does -
in which case, restart - or one next to you does. In that case, immediately go
sw four times, and hope you don't sink into the quicksand.
  Having survived that, wait until a combratadon dives and dumps you into a
tree. This might take several turns. Once there, cut a vine, then swing sw. Go
sw once more, for the final bit of unfairness: here is another spot where you
might sink into quicksand, and you can't avoid this one. Go west to find some
sticks - they will help you avoid sinking from now on. (Going west, then sw
wouldn't have helped, by the way. That spot is just as dangerous.)
  Take a stick. Take another stick. Make stilts, then wear stilts. These will
protect us from the quicksand. (If you fall into it, from now on, you can just
move along as if nothing happened.) Take another two sticks, and make skis.
Take six more sticks. Go west. Shoot the tree, then go up. Tie the vine to a
tree, go down, take some salt, and _immediately_ go back up. Untie the vine and
take it. Put it in your backpack.

  Go east until you can go no further, se twice, sw, throw salt on snow, go
west and north. Put some sticks under the stalactites. Go north again. You're
now in a maze. Go E, N, E,E, N,N,N, W,W,W, S, W, N, W, S,S, E,E,E, N, E, S.
Take the fungus and put it in your backpack. You've probably had some messages
about feeling dizzy; ignore them. Go back out: N, W, S, W,W,W, N,N, E, S, E, N,
E,E,E, S,S,S, W,W, S, W, S.
  Go south again. You see a creature approaching. Shout - this will cause
another avalanche - and go north. Go south again, then east twice and nw. Now
wear the skis and go north. Wear the stilts again and drop the skis. Go west
until you reach the clear land. Now wait for the combratadon to dump you in his
tree again.

  Take the big leaf and put it into your backpack. Go down and north. Take a
fern leaf and rub it. You'll find it disappears, but that's okay; it's not one
of the samples we're required to take. Now go west. You may be caught in either
a net or a pit. If you're caught in a net, cut it and take it with you. If you
fall into a pit, lasso a branch. Then keep going west and east again until both
have happened. In both cases, by the way, you need to act within one move, and
don't let that move time out.
  Next go east until you come across a manra plant. Throw things at the manra.
Don't specify what things; just "throw things at manra". Then take some manra,
and put it into your backpack. Go east twice. Take a small leaf, eat it, and
then take another small leaf and put it into your backpack, as a sample.
  Go nw twice. Wait here until a combratadon comes and dives towards you, and
that same move, go down. This scores some more points and does nothing else.
You can (and may have to) do this anywhere else the combratadon dives at you as
well, unless you want it to take you to its tree. Go nw two more times, then
north. You will wrestle with a creature and win.
  Next go west twice, take a beetle, and put it into your backpack, and west
once more. Put your sticks under the pod, then enter the pod. Get all, wear
all, and leave the pod. Go southwest twice and throw the net over the spider.
Take the spider from the net, put it in your backpack, and drop the net.
  Go east until you get to the gassy swamp (you get points for entering it
wearing the mask), then go east one more time, run east into the broken lands
(points, too, and if you want to know why - I'm not telling! That's the danger
of reading walkthroughs...), se and south to a pool of oil.
  Jump into the oil, then go sw twice. Get the big leaf from your backpack.
Shoot the tree and go up, then east twice to the edge of a volcano. Jump on the
log. Hold the big leaf.

  Drop the leaf. Go east, shoot this tree as well, up, east and se to see the
lightning, then back nw and west. Get the vine from your backpack, tie it to
the tree and go down it, then nw and west twice. Take a leaf and put it into
your backpack. Then go sw and east, and follow that mammal until you've
cornered it; then take it and put it in your backpack, too. Remove the visor
and gas mask and drop them.
  Go west twice, nw twice, and west six times. If you haven't already fallen
into the quicksand, keep going west and east here until you do. Then go south,
and if you're not at the tree, go west until you are.
  Shoot the tree again and go up it. Remove and drop your stilts, then go se
twice. Wait until the combratadon appears and dives at you. Shoot it, then pick
it up. Finally, move east into the hills, where you'll score your final point
for yet another undisclosed reason.

And... that's it. Or rather, that _would_ have been it, had the surviving
versions of The Mapper (there seems also to have been a 128K version, but I've
never seen it) not had a bug which means that the dead mammal isn't counted as
a sample, and you can't take the beastie alive. But you have all 100 points and
all eight required samples, so consider yourself to have won - you can get no