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9:05 (905.txt)

Solution(s) to Adam Cadre's 9:05

This is a short, unusual game which hides its true nature
throughout. It's not so much about getting to the end of
the game (which is relatively trivial) as about piecing
together _what happened_ before the start of events. You
discover more of this by failing than by "succeeding".
The walkthrough below takes you straight to the "success"
ending, which is really a "no story was told" ending. For
more satisfaction, I have also included the two main clues
to your real personality. These are _major spoilers_.
Normally the winning walkthrough itself is a major spoiler;
in 9:05, the losing branches are.
You have been warned: you would really do much better not
following this walkthrough, even more so than for other

answer phone, stand. [1]
s, remove watch, remove clothes, drop all, enter shower.
take watch, wear watch, n, get all from table.
open dresser, get clothes, wear clothes.
e, s, enter car, drive. No, wait, no [2], wait, yes.

Congratulations - you have missed the point of 9:05.

                                -- Richard Bos, August 2014

[1] For a first clue to who you are, at this point you can
    look under the bed and examine what you find there.
[2] For the major clue to what happened, at this point
    answer yes, then open wallet, take card, insert card
    in slot, enter cubicle, read note, take form and pen,
    sign form, out, west.