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Lost City, The (Lost_City.txt)

[ This game was published as a cover game with Sinclair User in December
  1989, and this solution was published in the same magazine in two parts,
  in February and March 1990. Unfortunately both parts contained some
  errors. The major error in part one was corrected in part two, but that
  part was missing two required commands as well. Below, I've made those
  corrections which are necessary to complete the game, but I've left
  all typos and random comments as they were. ]

Okay all you dungeon dwelling adventure freaks and Guideon of
Hendon, here's more hints for the adventure than you could cram
into a bag of holding. ...
From the beginning, go north, undress body, wear toga, south, east,
e, s, s, remove toga, drop all, dive in water, get all, wear toga, n,
n, w, w, w, w, insert disc in slot, w, w, get conch, listen to conch, w,
read book, say to meramid mirandelli, w, w, exaine fountain [or rather,
"examine fountain carefully" - see the second part for details], get
key, unlock door and go north to the villa.

At this point in the game it's a good idea to save after each problem
is solved as the owner of the villa will throw you out every now and
then. Okay? Now if you don't save don't say I didn't warn you. Now,
go north, north again, get hourglass, s, open cupboard, get trident,
e, go down then east, s, get tinderbox (cor strike a light guv'nor),
n, w, up, up, w, examine table, drop book, get phial, drop conch,
s, up, up and away! Sorry, only kidding go up again, open chest
(no don't try to rip your heart out just open the chest, have a look
in and get the elixir out and stuff it down your neck. Drop elixir, go
down, down, get carpet, deeper and down, n, e, down, w, s, s, s, s
and then go up. That should keep you going until next month when
I'll print the final half of the solution but until them - the very best of
luck to you all.

Well judging by letters I've had it would seem that you all just
want the absolute solution to this one. In the last issue I left a little
bit out. (I mean, where's the fun if it's all done for you!) I said to
examine the fountain. Well you should have realised that some-
thing was up when you had the not so standard reply "A cursory
glance reveals nothing." What you need to do is "Examine foun-
tain carefully." This reveals the key and means that you can con-
tinue to solve the adventure. [This applies to at least two more
"examine"s - if something should happen but it doesn't, always try
"examine <whatever> carefully."] Anyway, here's the last part of the
Okay, you've got the key from the fountain and continued
through the adventure to where we left off in the last issue. Now,
drop key (What! After all that trouble?), get peach, go down, w,
nw, plant peach stone, break phial, up, n, w, what does Posie-
don want? Well, give it to him. Okay? Now, go north, ne, get
mace, sw, s, s, smack the crab (with a handy weapon that you
have), s, climb into boat, look in boat, get dust out of boat, row,
w, s, s, examine pebbles (and take note of the reply!), get parch-
ment, n, n, jump river (yes, you can do it!), throw dust at demon
(if he's here - if not he'll be hovering nearby...) Have you an-
noyed the demon? Once you have go west, [drop the carpet, w,] w, examine
leaves - carefull now!, go down, drop parchment, light parchment, invert
hourglass and just keep pressing enter....and Presto!