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Bounty Hunter, The (Bounty_Hunter.txt)

                              Walkthrough for

                             The Bounty Hunter

                              by Jack Lockerby

                           Written by Richard Bos

  First, a few notes. 
  To start with, this is a PAWed game for the ZX Spectrum, but one which makes
extensive use of the Extend feature. Words are, therefore, significant to five
letters rather than the more usual Quill's four.
  These days you start with less information than the original players had.
According to various reviews, The Bounty Hunter used to come with a document
explaining the use of your equipment, and with a map of your environment.
Due to the unusual nature of the game, this map would have come in very handy.
Alas, while the game itself is now available for download from various places,
this information package seems to have vanished along the way. All is not lost,
though: from the same place where you found this walkthrough, you should be
able to get a "Bounty Hunter Map.pdf" which, while not pretty, ought to let you
find your way around Karakata.
  Obviously, since this is a walkthrough, spoilers are rife below. I'm not
taking you past every single clue and sight, but I do provide some commands
which give some hints while not being strictly necessary to get to the end.
Also, you might want to explore a bit for yourself with the use of the
aforementioned map.

  This game has some very unusual features, most of which depend, as said, on
the PAW's Extern facility. Some of these are decorative features which PAW does
not provide of itself, such as scrolling text. Two are more significant, and
will be explained here.
  The most obvious of these is its map. It does not (except for a few internal
locations) depend on the usual connected rooms. Instead, it plays on a grid of
locations, each of which has its own terrain, and is part of a province
(although, as far as I can tell, the latter is merely decoration); much like,
say, Lords of Midnight without the pictures. These are not rooms in the PAW
sense; the entire map is one room. Moving around this map is managed by
changing two flags and calling Extern. This has the unfortunate consequence
that the location text is printed rather stiltingly, making movement around the
map sluggish. It does, however, give the game a unique atmosphere.
  The other important feature is that you have been given a number of "PACs",
or teleport "charges". On inserting one of these in your "WATCH", you must
enter two coordinates. The game will then decide if it is safe for you to be
there (and to leave your current position), and if so, instantly teleport you
those coordinates. This does help a lot to allay the mentioned sluggishness.
You do have a limited number of these, but that number should suffice you for a
reasonable game.
  A not quite as unusual feature which does bear detailing is that on your
screen, below the location description, you will see a status line. From left
to right, this contains: your N/S coordinate; the number of teleports you have
left; a range detector, which flashes purple if there is a Viroid in an
adjacent location, or red if one is present; the number of Viroids remaining in
the game; and your E/W coordinate.
  With all that explained, let's beam down.

  You start on the Sea of Stones, somewhere halfway up and over to the right of
the map. Your mission, it is evident, is to destroy all Viroids. So let's be
off. At first, we'll go on foot, and not use the teleport. We don't want to
waste the charges - this walkthrough uses fewer than half of them, but you may
want to use some to do some exploring of your own. There are some things to be
done near here, anyway.
  First, go west five times to Bodholm Mill, and go in. Roll in the flour. The
first danger of reading walkthroughs: no, I am _not_ going to explain why you
did that. Find out for yourself. Suffice to say that you do need to. Go back
out, then north to Bodholm Well. Examine the cart - we'll be back for it later.
For now, go ne four times to some Ghostwood trees. Climb a tree, break a
branch, and go back down.
  Now for out first teleport. Insert a PAC. Type the coordinates 20 and 22.
When typing coordinates, you should just type the numbers; don't press enter
in between, or any other keys. When using coordinates below ten, it is simplest
to type the leading zero as well. If all is well, you find yourself at
Warrholm. Take the mat, go in, take the pot, and go out.
  Go sw three times to find a tunnel. Go down, where it's dark. Drop the
branch, which starts glowing again to reveal... our first Viroid! You will get
a scrolling message courtesy of Extern. Shoot the Viroid. Notice that the
number in the status line has decreased.
  Go out (leave the branch) and se. Take the Whiffet and examine it. Go east
three times and se. Try to go up. Wear the pot and go up again. Go sw and west
twice. Shoot the Viroid. Go se three times. Make a snowball, then roll it. Go
north four times and down.
  Go e, se, s four times and sw. Note the avalanche: we caused that. Go in to
find another Viroid. Without the avalanche he (it?) would have escaped out the
other tunnel. Now he can't: shoot Viroid. Go se, sw three times, s twice to
Moonholm. Go up and examine the roof. Drop the mat. Go down and in. You get a
cape as thanks for repairing the roof. Go back out. Wear the cape.

  Insert another PAC. Teleport to 22,16. Examine the ivy; take the seedling.
Go ne five times, then east twice. Plant the seedling in a crack. Go north and
back south to find that the ivy has grown already. Go up it. Jump to the palm,
then go down. Go south twice. Try going south another time. Smell the Whiffet,
and then go south. Shoot the Viroid.
  Drop the Whiffet. Go se, then east twice to a pile of Yellowpods. Take a pod.
Yellow, grows on palms... no points for guessing what "Yellowpod" is a fancy
name for. Anyway, climb the pods, then jump.
  Go se twice, then east to Soljer Fjord. You will see a sprig - take it. Don't
worry if it disappears; just go west and back east and another one will float
by. Go east to Battlestones. Dig here to find a shooting staff. Take and
examine it. "Shooting staff"... it's a bow.
  Insert a PAC and teleport to 04,09. You land in a field of seeding Capcorn
(whatever they are). Take some seeds. Go west six times to a net with a bird in
it. Take the bird, and feed it. Now go ne four times and east seven times, to
Gosgate Hall. Go in.
  Put the bird in the net. Shoot the Weaver (which requires the bow, and uses
the sprig as an arrow - for some reason, your Pulser won't work here), then
drop the staff. Go up and east, shoot the Viroid, west twice, take the baby
Weaver, and go east, down and out.
  We would now very much like to teleport to our next location, but it is
deemed too dangerous to do so while we're carrying the Weaver. We will,
therefore, have to walk: east eleven times to the Lowland Marsh, ne twice,
north seven times to Sheyel Plain, then ne twice to Solyer Fjord. If you get
lost along the way: Solyer is at 19,29.
  Now go east once, then ne six times to the Valley of Caves. Drop that
cumbersome baby here. Go ne and shoot the Viroid. Go sw twice, w, nw, n, ne, e
to Seven Stones Springs. Peel the Yellowpod. If there is a Hornbeast here, wait
for it to leave. Drop the skin and wait around until one appears. Drop the
flesh as well. Cross the stones, take the stick and examine it, then cross the
stones again.

  Insert a PAC; teleport to 24,30. Examine the cross, then the hole. Put the
stick in the hole, then look through it. Go north three times (to the tree you
saw), then up. Shoot the Viroid. Go back down, then north thrice to Sheyel
Harbour. Take the vessel. Go west twice. Examine the wheel. No handles? Could
be useful... Take it.
  Insert another PAC and teleport to 14,35. Fit the wheel to the cart. Push the
cart. Go se twice, then east three times to the Ahn Saltflats. Remove the pot
(which you were still wearing!) and fill it with salt. Then go se, and try
going se another time.
  Never by foot, right? Enter the cart. You are blown up the Windy Dry to the
Tarpits. Go out. Drop the sailing vessel. Walk on the tar, then go se, in, and
south. Shoot the Viroid. Go north twice. Insert a PAC; teleport to 09,29.
  Examine the pool and take the sponges. Throw the salt and take the Gillworm.
Then fill the pot with water. Insert another PAC, and teleport to 26,40.
  Throw the water. Go in, shoot the Viroid, and go out. Go east five times. Put
your compass in the pot, then go east three more times to find a spaceship. Go
in, shoot another Viroid, and go out. You can do nothing with the navigator. Go
west three times, take your compass, and drop the pot.

  Insert a PAC and teleport to 19,21. Examine the wall; take the rock. Go
north. Look in the well. Take the box. Drop the rock in the well, _then_ take
the box. Try to open it. Insert another PAC, and teleport to 14,08. Examine the
trunks. Drop the box and take the book. Read it - that could come in handy!
  By now you may have seen a Fell Beast come and pick up a trunk. We've seen
that they're hollow, which could be useful. Enter a trunk. Wait (should take a
turn or three) until you feel a jolt, then go out. Push the trunk, then wait
until the Fell Beast comes back. This could take a while. When it returns,
climb its claw.
  Go west twice and in. Shoot the Viroid and go out. Insert a PAC and teleport
to 17,26. Stand in the nettles. Insert another PAC (we're burning them like
party crackers!), this time to 18,41. Go south and shoot the Viroid. Go se and
throw the Gillworm. Go se twice more and shoot another Viroid.
  Go east four times, to Arratholm. Go in... to be stopped by a door. Open it -
it won't. Examine it. Two words, presumably in Karakatan. Well, we've got that
book, don't we? Translate Gretz; translate Vli. OK, then: press doorbell. Now
go in, shoot the Viroid, and go back out. Drop the book.

  Insert yet another PAC, and go to Swanfleet Works at 10,31. Go inside.
Examine the forge and take the blowers. Go out, then ne, east twice, and se.
Wear the sponges. Go se twice and shoot the Viroid. Go se twice more and south
three times to the tip of Bodholm Downs. Remove and drop the sponges.
  Wait until a Shellback appears (it probably already has), then climb on its
shell. Shoot the Viroid. Wait for another Shellback and climb on its shell to
be taken back to the mainland. Go se, then east six times. Shoot the Viroid.
West three times. Remove and drop the cape.
  Insert another PAC and teleport to 06,27. Go south. Try going south again.
Squeeze the blowers. Now go south. Shoot the Viroid. Squeeze the blowers again.
Go south. Squeeze the blowers. Take the giant Marsh Puffer. Go south two times.

  Insert a PAC, teleport to 13,01. You can see a boulder. Push the boulder.
Follow it south, three times, to a ledge in Targ Hellholes. Push the boulder in
a hole, then shoot the Viroid.
  Insert one more PAC, to go to 22,02: Oromes Monolith. Go inside. You are
carrying too much. Drop everything, then go inside. Oops... we face a Viroid
without our Pulser. Maybe we can cause mayhem another way. Break the pipe. Take
your Pulser and shoot the Viroid.
  Take the Marsh Puffer (you can leave the blowers), and go ne, then north four
times, and in. Another Viroid... but we can't shoot him from here. Maybe if we
make a loud noise, that icicle will collapse? Well, squeeze the Puffer. Go back
inside. Shoot the Viroid and go out.
  Go north, ne, east five times, se, and south twice. Try going west. No way
across. And we haven't found a rope, so we can't build a bridge. No, but we
have another means of translocation which will work here: insert your final PAC
and teleport just one space, to 26,09. Go west three times. Shoot your last

  And that was The Bounty Hunter, complete with twist ending. And was it any
good? Well, maybe it doesn't stand up as a normal text adventure, but it does
have a certain unconventional charm of its own. I liked it, anyway; but then, 
I always was a sucker for drawing maps.