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Angel of the Hell (Angel_of_the_Hell.txt)

Angel of the Hell
SOLUTION by Dan for the c64
(play using 1541 drive, NOT 1541-II)

START: go north, get stone, go north x2, examine ruins for sling, south x2, east, catch vulture,
take bone, go east, get torch, go west x3, get sword, examine cupboard for skeleton key, north, take
rope, south, east, north, north, east, examine cupboard for horn select all, pull curtain for idol,
west, north, kick abdomen, draw sword, west, examine cabinet for coin, east, south x3, east, north,
get cloak, east, north, get dagger, search room, throw idol, tie up priest, blow horn, leave through
window, take spade, climb down, north, west, type password, choose out of options, wear cloak,
north, type password for goatskin, north, give goatskin for hammer, answer giant, south, east, type
password, west x2, hit crystal, east x3, type password, south, west, turn cross kills ghost, south,
examine casket for copper key, north, climb down, open chest for amulet, climb up, east, north x2,
give amulet to zombie, west, take spear, east, throw spear at jackal, east, move body to get shield,
west x3, dig, east, south, west, south, west, show gold to get iron key, east, north, east,
password, south, east, get oar, examine everything for lizard, west, north, west, password, west,
north, get in boat, east, use shield, stab with sword, hit with hammer, stab in heart, west, row
back, south, east x2, password, south, west, south x2, move beam monks take bone, give you food and
send you to Quack, west, south, west, feed Cerberus, get stone, south, give money to Charon, the