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Murder Mystery Weekend (Murder_Mystery_Weekend.txt)


The keys to completing this lengthy and complex game involve reading 
every location and item description carefully, talking to everyone 
and timing. Even then I had to use Unpaws to crack some of the 

At the start select your sex, though it doesn't seem to matter which 
way you choose. Playing as a man once you examine the seats and feel 
the gap you'll find a wallet, doing the same as a woman will result 
in the discovery of a purse.

Look under mat (you find a ticket), X ticket, inventory, X map, read 
legend (a clue about searching carefully under something), x clothes. 
Leave car, but ignore the car's boot for the moment (otherwise your 
suitcase will be stolen). NW, N, E (pay attention to the mysterious 
opening of the door - "as if by an invisible man"), S, X seats, look 
under cushion (you find a calendar), X calendar (strange anagram - "I 
parent or I mor" = "monitor repair"), N, E, search under desk 
carefully (you discover a trolley), X trolley (it belongs to Larry 

W, W, S, SE, open boot, put suitcase on trolley, NW, N, E, E, S, S, U 
(strangely, you can push the trolley up stairs), U, U, X stairs (you 
find a stone), D, N, SW, X board, S, X phone, X women, X servants, E, 
E (buy a drink, if you wish), X bar, get tape, X tape. W, NE, X chef, 
stick tape to moustache, pull tape, X cupboard, X sign (a message 
about a plane), W, SW, N, E.

Look behind bin (you find a catapult), put stone in catapult, W, NE, 
S, say enalp ("plane" backwards - you receive a vial of acid), N, SW, 
S, NE, E, pour acid on padlock, X flour. W, SW, N, NE, S, D, D, N, N, 
W, W, throw flour (the invisible man appears, takes you to reception 
and hands you your key), X key (room 33).

S, S, U, U, U, N, N, N, open door, in, get suitcase, open suitcase, X 
suitcase, X shorts or knickers (depending on your sex), X Probe (and 
note the reference to "flashing" it), E, X surface (you find a 
sleeping pill), X glass.

You should have your bearings by now, so return to the far end of the 
lounge (west of the bar) and wave Probe (you discover your fellow 
adventurers). Lift chair, sit and talk to each of them in turn and 
note the following: Bob has a Swiss Army knife (if you know anything 
about these, they include a corkscrew); Anne's a "dab hand at opening 
doors";  Peter has lost his mortgage agreement; Martin has a sexy 
haircut; Vicky has a ball; Dave works in the science industry; 
Ellen's a good navigator; Margo's party trick is pulling tablecloths; 
Wynne used to be in the Royal Navy.

Give trolley to Larry (he tells you that you need a password for the 
Murder Mystery weekend – it's "Wimbledon"), ask Vicky for ball (you 
get it), show map to Margo (she leads you through the tunnels to a 
drainpipe, but ignore this for the moment – return to the area by the 
telephones). Tell women about Martin (they rush off), phone (you book 
the restaurant and taxis), wait four times.

It doesn't matter which food you order. X sign ("don't forget your 
toiletbrush"), W, S, W, X cistern, X paper (the clues are Limerick 
and "Old Sod" – you need another three things from Ireland). E, N, X 
tap (a label for Kilkenny beer), throw ball, get label, E, X table.

X bottle, say to Bob cork, get cork, say to Margo cloth, X cloth 
(Irish), W, S, W, put the cork, cloth and label in the cistern (a 
leprechaun appears). Talk to leprechaun (a riddle – an old children's 
game), say to leprechaun xylophone (Xerox works too), say to 
leprechaun toiletbrush, E, N, E, E (back to the lounge where the 
Uncivil Servants have disappeared).

E, ask barman about servants, search seats, X keys (for a jeep – note 
that if you try to search these seats earlier, the keys are taken 
from you), W, W, W, N, NE, E, E, E, unlock jeep, search jeep, get 
telescope. Now head all the way back to the place where your ticket 
was blown away and look through the telescope (you spot the ticket on 
the Cathedral), S, drop all, climb pipe, blow ticket, D, get all. Now 
head back to the hotel stairs and all the way up to the roof.

Get beret, X it (strange markings), Now go back to the far end of the 
lounge (on the way a scientist will tell you about alien abductions). 
Ask Dave about science, ask Wynne about beret. Head back to the jeep. 
Put telescope in jeep, lock jeep. Now go to the reception desk and 
give the keys to the man. Next head for your bedroom and discover an 
orc barring the entrance. X orc, fire catapult, in, sleep 
(impossible), E, fill glass, dissolve pill in water, drink water, W, 

You now enter a mini-game ("Joan and the Bonestalk") which is 
impossible to complete if you miss certain actions.

Get model, X it (made of mouldy cheese), X rafters, feel rafters (you 
find a bit of wood), look through window, open window (it will need 
something to prop it open), X nightshirt (it has a pocket). N, D, put 
wood in mousehole, pet mouse, feed mouse, put mouse in pocket. Get 
spectacles, X specs (you're mother's "eagle-eyed", so now it's time 
to be a little cruel). Put specs in chair, wait (Mother arrives and 
sits on the specs). Wait, eat breakfast, chores (hmm, four to 

W, S, X hollyhocks and search them (you find a bolt), X campanulas 
(Canterbury bells), E, in, search straw (you find a pitchfork), out, 
W, clean henhouse (one chore completed). N, E, E, push tub West (note 
that "bath" does not work), W, S, knock door, N, E. Now push the tub 
in the following directions: W, S, S, W, S. Float tub, sail tub, get 
bucket, E, N, E, N, ring bells (Daisy appears), milk goat (two chores 
completed), N, E, Up, S.

Put bucket in window, out, fix trellis (three chores done), Up, in, 
get diary and read it (note the hints about the duck and the dwarf), 
out, Down, in, get bucket, N, D, feed cat (all the chores completed).

Now it's time to head to the market to sell Daisy. Kiss mother, W, S, 
S, S. Note the two balls in the furrows. These form the core of one 
of the most obscure puzzles encountered and moving them into their 
correct positions is essential in order to enter the turnstile 
several moves to the south. However, to cut a long story short and 
avoid attempting all kinds of permutations, simply push the blue ball 
south once and then keep heading south, passing through the 
turnstile. Now go S once more and talk to the vagabond. Wait. His 
lordship (or ladyship depending on your own sex) now appears in a 
carriage, throwing you a shilling. Give this to the vagabond (who 
takes your goat to town) and simply input the command "rap" (without 
the quotation marks) which puts you into the carriage. Talk to the 
lady/lordship twice and you'll arrive in the village.

Head north into the school and eat your sandwiches. S, E, Ben gives 
you the goat. W, S (a farmer blocks your way). X farmer, enter legs, 
get sack, S, talk to each of the farmers. Remember this mini-
adventure's title – it's the pouch of bones you want so sell the goat 
to Ethelred. E, give sack to Ben (and you end up back in your 

Look through window (a bonestalk!), N, Down, E, Up, Up, W, in (a 
dwarf stops you). X cacti, pull cacti, in (now hay fever stops you), 
hold nose, in, X duck, E (the duck stops you). Pet bill, pet feet, E, 
talk dwarf, get mouse, drop mouse, push dwarf. The mini-adventure 
ends – note that if you had not returned the telescope to the jeep 
and the keys to reception, you would have been arrested at this 

W, get Malibu, E, show ticket, show ticket (and you're finally in the 
Convention, but note that you only have a limited number of moves to 
complete this next section).

So, give the Malibu to Lynn (who tells you to look under a keyboard), 
S, S, look under keyboard, give agreement to Peter. E, talk to Nikki 
and Karen. Repair monitor (you're told about a disk). N, N, ask Jill 
about Ammy (you learn about some nuts), S, S, ask Margaret about nuts 
(Jenny has them). W, talk to Mark (needs clean spectacles), S, ask 
Jenny about nuts, search nuts (you find a bolt). N, N, E, fix Amstrad 
(you're now a magician), S, get book, S, give book to Karen, x desk 
(you find a disk).

N, N, N, talk to Phil and give him the disk, W, talk to Martin about 
the disk (you learn about the Grue's cap). Head all the way out of 
the hotel, get the cap and return here. Give the cap to the Grue and 
feel in the recess. S, S, clean specs. NW, N, ask Lorna about 
incantation, cast spell, S, S, ask John about lighter, S, give 
lighter to Anne. Now head NW and Janice gives you a pack of thinking 
caps. Give the caps to John and now it's offer for another meal.

No (you head off for a Chinese meal), keep waiting until the taxi 
arrives. On arrival your set a series of dares. Look under the table, 
push the catch and spin the centerpiece. Get the tankard, U, W, fill 
tankard (with ice), E, melt ice. D, ask Anne about the door, enter 
door and (finally) it's time for the Murder competition.

Say to club Wimbledon, E, E. Interrogate the suspects one by one. 
Arrest the lady in orange and you've completed the game.

A Wibble and Blim production for CASA.

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