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Cavern's City (Caverns_City_hints.txt)

A 'Battune' text adventure by Merle Goodman
Hints by Bev Truter 

General Tips:
1) Read the README file! 

2) Put CAPS LOCK on before starting game. 

3) Play this game in DOS from a floppy in Drive A:, and nominate "A" as the 
drive to save to when asked. Each time you SAVE, your previous saved position 
is overwritten, but you can create more saves by using a separate floppy disk 
for each save – just remember that each floppy will need the CITY.EXE file to 
be on it for the SAVE command to work. 

4) Each time you restart the game or continue on to a new section (there are 
4 sections), the locations will be randomly arranged in different patterns. 
So unless you're really keen to redraw maps afresh with each new start or new 
section try to stick with the same game throughout by saving judiciously.

5) Caverns City covers 4 areas, and is really 4 separate games, as once you 
have completed an area you automatically proceed to the next area, with no 
possibility of returning to the preceding set of locations. You don't need to 
take any items from one area to the next, as all items in your inventory 
disappear after completing each section. 

6) It is vital to SAVE immediately AFTER disposing of the werewolf and 
proceeding through the iron gate to the third section (i.e. the Caverns 
Maze). If you get killed in this third section, all your belongings 
disappear, and you'll have to trudge about the entire maze trying to find 
them again. Also, if you restore a game saved at the end of section 2 while 
in section 3, all your section 3 maps will be useless, as when you re-enter 
section 3 through the iron gate all the locations (and objects in them) will 
be arranged differently. 

Specific Hints:
1st section - City: Make a map of this section, and wander about picking up 
the various objects. All you need to do is find a person holding a white card 
(a fresh clue) and GIVE him/her the obvious item required. If it's the 
correct item, the person will disappear and leave you with the white card. 
READ CARD, then amble around to match the next person up with one of the 
items. When you receive a card that reads 'hotel registration', approach the 
person in the Lobby and you'll get the keys, so you can then proceed into the 
hotel (section 2). 

2nd section - Hotel: Here you need to find keys to unlock 6 bedrooms. Each 
bedroom contains a person or creature who you either have to help in some 
way, or chase off, so you can then search the room for another key. First 
roam around (the directions UP and DOWN don't apply in this section) and 
collect all the objects you find in the various rooms. For example, if you 
see a table, shelf, or anything else in a room, try LOOK TABLE to find a 
hidden item. 

Room 101. The Masked Man's Room. (Key for 101 found in desk in office). Look 
at the chair, then LOOK LONE (neither MAN nor RANGER will work) to discover 
ropes. You'll need the knife to cut ropes, then find key for room 103. NB - 
can't CUT ROPES until you can see them, ie, after LOOK LONE. 

Room 103. Frankenstein's Monster. You'll need the generator (yes! Apparently 
it's portable!) and the can full of gasoline. Look at Monster to find the 
wires, then drop generator, put wires (wires become attached to generator), 
put gas (in generator), start generator. Find key for 107. 

Room 107. Count Dracula's Room. You'll need the garlic (get garlic while 
holding shovel), stake and hammer. Look coffin. look vampire, kill vampire. 
Voila. Find key for room 105. 

Room 105. Tonto is asleep here. Don't wake him. Find tobacco (from the Smoke 
Shop), put it in the peace pipe, then 'smoke pipe' (you'll need the matches) 
while in the room. Find key for 104. 

Room 104. Pharaoh's Room. You'll need the bowl from the kitchen to carry the 
tanya leaves (found in the Pool, need water wings from Swimwear Shop to get 
the leaves). Burn leaves (while holding bowl, leaves and matches), then find 
key for 106. 

Room 106. Find the silver bullets to LOAD GUN. Gun is in the glass case in 
the Pawn Shop, but you'll need to wear the leather glove before breaking the 
case to get the gun. 

There doesn't seem to be a room 102, so proceed to the Basement and kill 
werewolf, then open gate and you're swooshed through to.... 

3rd section - The Caverns: This is mainly a case of just wandering around the 
caverns and picking up objects, transforming objects into other items, and 
figuring out where to use each item. When you create an object, eg a torch, 
from several items it is not referred to by its new name (torch), but by its 
main component('long', in this instance). There are five obstructions or 
hindrances to overcome before you can proceed to further locations, and these 
5 puzzles must be tackled in a very linear order. It's a good idea to keep at 
least one SAVE from early in this caverns maze section on a separate disk, so 
that if something really dire happens and you find the game in an unwinnable 
state you can return to this saved game with all the locations, objects and 
exits still matching your painstakingly-drawn map of the caverns maze. If you 
restore a game from the end of section 2,where you killed the werewolf, 
everything will be different in section 3, which means a frustrating 
redrawing of a completely new map for this section. See 'Collecting Stones' 
for an explanation of "dire". 

Collecting Stones: There are 5 stones which have to be put in the spelunkers' 
bag, and you can simply GET STONE if you're carrying the pickaxe. (The gold 
stone is a red herring). Put only these 5 stones in the bag, and nothing 
else, as once put into the bag other objects become invisible and 
irretrievable. As soon as the 5th stone is put in the bag the bag disappears 
and you hear a magic word, which is used to open the sealed door. But the 

 word only works a few times (twice, I think it was) on the door, and you 
need to complete all other puzzles before you can manipulate the object found 
beyond the door. If like me you happily amble back and forth through the door 
when you first discover how to open it, when you finally DO need to open the 
door again THE MAGIC WORD YOU WERE GIVEN DOESN'T WORK!! So if you want to 
have a peek behind the sealed door by opening it with the magic word, do so 
only ONCE before solving all the puzzles/obstacles in this section. 

Each object has only one use, so once you've used anything there's no need to 
lug it around further. Handy places to drop items temporarily are at the pool 
of oil, pool of lava or caverns entrance. 

The Monster: Find the long stick, rags, matches and pool of oil. Put (or 
tie?) rags to make a torch, dip long in oil, burn rags, then wave long in 
monster location to get rid of him/it. 

The Lava Pool: Find the knife (need knife to get wires). With wires, hook and 
wooden pole tie hook (you wire it to the pole), and you can now get vines 
(they form a bridge across the lava). Use the hammer to break (or open?) the 
rusty lock on the crate. Open crate to find dynamite. 

Dragon: Find the cabbage, and put dynamite (you insert it into the cabbage). 
Throw cabbage, and dragon swallows it and is blown to bits - (Hiss! Boo!) 

The Spider: When you find the sticky pool it's time to construct an archery 
kit. Get the short stick, string, curved stick and eagle feathers. Tie string 
(to the curved stick, which presumably makes a bow). Dip short in pool (end 
of short stick now all sticky). Dip short in feathers (feathers now stuck to 
end of it, resulting in an arrow, one assumes). While holding the 'curved' 
and the 'short' (ie, after you've made the bow and arrow), shoot spider to 
kill it. 

The Rats: Get ladder and get box (at ledge location) while holding ladder. 
Look box (there are traps in it) and put cheese (in traps). Take box to 
location with rats and put traps (to catch the rats). Entering the location 
containing the explorers' bones triggers the object beyond the sealed door to 
become 'real' instead of ghost-like. You can't manipulate the bones in any 
way, just 'look bones'. 

Sealed Door: Use the magic word that appears after you place the 5th stone in 
the bag, just XYZZ (or whatever the word is) to open the door. Beyond the 
door the ghostly rope is now real, so get rope and go to the top of the cliff 
(near the Caverns Entrance). Tie rope to the brass ring and climb rope 

4th section - Golden City: 

... Back to you! ... Sue