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Crown of Mardan (Crown_of_Mardan.txt)

Crown of Mardan
by John Hudson and Helen Seymour


W, sw, enter, buy torch, buy aqualung, buy asprin, buy bag, exit, sw, e, enter, buy drink, exit, (if
the barge is not there WAIT until it turns up), bribe man.

Examine barrel, enter barrel, put asprin in bag, wait, (you should be in a storeroom, if not WAIT
until you are), exit, n, knock on door, bribe servant, wear aqualung, s, d, e, e, get coins, w, w,
w, light torch, s, s, s, get asprin, give asprin, enter (if the barge is not there EXTINGUISH TORCH
then WAIT until it turns up), extinguish torch, remove aqualung, i (note the emerald and shell), put
emerald in bag, put shell in ear, (you should now be outside the Ferry Inn).

E, e, n, n, w, nw, chase fox, w, n, exit, n, ne, n, e, n, buy sheepskin, s, w, s, sw, w, w, nw, n,
buy corn, s, se, e, s, e, s, e, (if the ferry is not there WAIT until it turns up), enter, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait, w, s, w, talk to man, give corn, give sheepskin, make two pairs, get boots,
e, e, buy bread, w, n, e, s, e, n, n, n, e, ask grebe, n, w, give boots, n, s, ask dragon to melt
ice, n, ask grebe to swim, get diamond, put diamond in bag, drop aqualung.

S, e, e, e, s, s, knock on door, give bread, n, n, w, w, w, enter, e, s, w, w, sw, w, s, sw, enter,
buy knife, exit, sw, e, e, (if the ferry is not there WAIT until it turns up), enter, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, s, e, s, u, get jacket, d, n, e, (if the boat is not there WAIT until it turns
up), enter, n, n, n, n, wear jacket, (if a couple of guards have yet to turn up then WAIT until they
do), shout up, e, enter, examine desk, get coins, e, (Important! Save the game before the next
step), s, kill man (repeat if you miss, if you die restore your saved game), get mirror, n, w, exit,
n, n, n, n, (Important! Save the game), enter, kill guard (repeat if you miss, etc.), exit, s, (Save
the game!), enter, get key, exit, n, n, (Save the game!), enter, exit, n, (Save the game!), enter,
unlock door, drop key, enter, light torch, n, n, w, drop toffee, d, get ruby, u, e, s, s, extinguish
torch, put ruby in bag, exit, exit, s, s, s, s, s, w, enter.

S, s, s, w, n, n, e, s, e, n, n, n, w, sw, s, enter, e, s, enter, u, talk to bat, d, exit, n, w,
exit, n, w, w, n, n, n, s, e, push boulders, d, n, n, (Save the game!), n, kill guard, n, n, light
torch, n, w, s, e, s, (Save the game!), e, kill baron, n, n, give mirror, drop knife, get emerald,
get diamond, get ruby, put jewels in crown, give crown.

Note. You can ignore the Red Baron's safe but if you really must find out what is inside it
then from the Red Baron's bedroom - n, n, get sugar, s, w, give sugar (make a note of the
numbers), e, s, dial [the numbers] (e.g., DIAL 1 2 34), examine fish.


By Alastair for the Classic Adventure Solution Archive (CASA)