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Battune the Sailor (battune_the_sailor.txt)

BATTUNE THE SAILOR (author Merle Goodman)

Solution by Sue Medley

Once again you and your alien guide, Battune, set forth on adventure. This time your aim is to find
a way to reach an evil magician's island, find the treasure and rescue a princess from an evil

Starting in Bagdad (sic), there are 18 locations around the harbour where your ship waits. One of
your first jobs is to find a crew but make sure you have ample provisions or there'll be a
mutiny. Bagdad contains all the locations you'd expect, from a Bazaar to a Harem. As in many of
the other Battune games, the locations are arranged randomly so though this solution uses the
expression "go to <place/object>", you will have to work out the route yourself.

The second part of the game takes place on the island which has another 23 locations including a
Jungle, a Cave crossed by a river of lava, Cliffs and a Beach but these are not randomised.
You'll meet both friendly (a winged horse) and not-so-friendly (Medusa) characters during your
travels so save frequently in case the not-so-friendly ones bump you off.

START: The Port of Bagdad, by your ship.

Look ship - look figurehead - (it almost looks alive) – talk figurehead - ("sail to the end
of the earth and turn right") - go to Garden - look princess - (she's asleep) - go to
Throne Room - look Sultan - (he's weeping) - talk Sultan - ("I will give half my kingdom
to anyone who saves my daughter") - go to Kitchen - talk cook - (wants rum) - go to Streets -
look gutter - get drachma - go to Grog Shop - - get rum - (with drachma) - go to Kitchen - give rum
- (cook leaves) - look pot - get bone.

Go to Alley - give bone - (the dog turns into the Thief of Bagdad; he'll follow you) - talk
thief - (he'll steal anything for you) - go to Locksmith - get key - (thief steals it) - go to
Music Shop - get flute - go to End of Bazaar - get basket – look basket - (there's a cobra in
it) - go to Middle of Bazaar – talk fakir - (he shows you his magic rope which doesn't need
to be tied to be climbed) - play flute - (carrying basket; the snake chases the fakir up the rope
and both vanish) - get rope.

Go to Dining Room - look table - get knife - go to Tavern - look seamen - (a boisterous lot) - talk
seamen - (they won't sail with you) - go to Dungeon - (if necessary, keep wandering between
these locations until the seamen are locked up for disturbing the peace; it may take a while) - talk
seamen - (if you rescue them they'll sail with you) - open door - (with key; the seamen head
for your ship) - go to Spice and Herb Shop - get bag - (of sleeping powder; the
thief steals it) - go to Guards' Quarters - give bag - (the guards fall asleep) - go to Harem -
open box - get map - look map - (shows the route to the Magician's Island).

Go to Market - open big - (urn; with knife) - look urn - (meat and veg for a long voyage) - get big
- (urn; thief steals it) – go to Grog Shop - open small - (urn; with knife) - look small - (urn;
it contains rum) - drop knife - get small - (urn; thief steals it) - go to Port - go ship - (you
must have the crew, two
urns and the map).

After weeks at sea you sail into a fog bank. The ship runs aground on the rocks but you make it to
the island.

(On a Beach) - N - N - W - W - N - get shovel - S - E - E – S - S - dig sand - get bottle - open
bottle - (genie escapes and flies off; you see a net) - N - N - look fountain - get water - (in
bottle) - S - E - E - (the water lets you cross the Desert; make sure you take water from the
fountain, not sea water!) - talk sage - ("the fragrance of the black orchid can wake people
from a deep sleep") - get bag - W - W - S - drop bottle - get net - W - drop rope - (it forms a
ladder reaching into the tree) - climb rope - (to Top of Tree; you see a roc and its nest) - drop
net - (traps the roc) - look nest - get egg - D - get rope - E - N - W - talk cyclops - (he's
hungry) - give egg - (he eats it, gets his sword and goes to fight the dragon; you see a lantern) -
get lantern.

E - look dragon - get sword - (from the dead dragon) - N - W - W - S - get oil - (in lantern) - N -
W - get rock - look rock - (you see flint and steel) - get flint - light lantern - drop rock – E -
get lamp - E - E - N - rub lamp - (the genie appears) – talk genie - (he gives you a magic word;
it's a four letter random word eg XIOF) - XIOF - (or whatever the word is; you're
transported through the door, into a Cave. If you are asked 'what kind of magic is this?'
then go N - XIOF and it will work) - D - D - (Bottom of Cave; you see a river of lava) – look lava
- (you see a shield across it to the east) - drop rope - (it
forms a bridge) - E - get shield - W - get rope - U - U - S - S - S - S - W - W - - fight skeletons
- (using sword and shield; you see a skeleton key) - drop flint - get key - E - E - N - N - N - XIOF
- (or N - XIOF) - D - open wood - (chest) - look wood - (chest; you see treasure) - drop shovel -
get wood (chest) – U - S.

S - E - kill Medusa - (using the shield as a mirror, you cut off her head) - drop sword - drop key -
get head - (in bag) - W – S - S - E - drop rope - (it hangs from the top of the cliff) - climb
rope - (to the Magician's Castle) - give bag - (the magician is turned to stone) - look box -
get carpet - get box - ride carpet - (to the Top of a Mountain) - get orchid - (in box) - ride
carpet - (back to Castle) - D - get rope - W - N - N - W - look horse - (it has wings) - talk horse
- (he'll take you anywhere in the world) - drop rope - (it turns into reins) – ride

You return to the princess's garden with the black orchid. The fragrance of the black orchid
wakes the princess. You marry her and live happily ever after.

Note (1) If you don't talk to the fakir, the rope won't appear. Note (2) Refer to urns by
size only eg get big, open small, otherwise the program gets the urns confused. Note (3) Don't
open the other urns or the bronze chest!